Corpse of Woman Washes Up on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Thailand


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This post contains two videos of two separate corpses that washed up on the shores of Thailand in two separate locations. The screenshot is from the second video. First video is from earlier this morning (May 20th, 2015). A female … Continue reading

Thai Brutally Murdered in Own Home, Ends Up in Awkward Position


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Thai man was hit with shotgun blast from close range while he sat in his own home, enjoying, literally, his last meal. The blast tossed him off of his seat where he leaked a very thick pool of blood in … Continue reading

Thais Fish Out Fresh Female Floater Before She Turns Bloater


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Fuck them fish sticks! We got some fresh-caught Thai floater just for you! Today’s special is an older female Thai who was discovered floating pretty far out in the water. Several groups got together on their little boats and managed … Continue reading

Fat Thai Woman Gets an Impromptu Physics Lesson


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So Shamu here thought that the rules of DWF and DWA would not apply to her. Unfortunately for her, the Gore Gods were not amused and decided to give her an impromptu physics lesson. Nothing in the way of info … Continue reading

Thai Attempting to Steal Fish Meets His Demise


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What the actual fuck? Ok guys, dumbass here was apparently a regular thief in the area of Yala District, Thailand and liked to help himself to fish from vendors after hours. Somehow, this man was electrocuted while making another attempt … Continue reading

Thai Hacked on Road and Dumped in Water


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A random Thai suffered some fearsome defensive wounds, costing him some fingers but ultimately futile as he was killed and dumped into a canal. A rope was also found tied around his neck, whether it was an attempt at strangulation … Continue reading

Nightmarish Bloated Female in Bed


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How would you like to roll over in bed and come face to face with this shit? I’d probably never sleep again. No real info on the dead woman other than it happened in “District 6″, take that as you … Continue reading

Bloated Floater Complete with Hideously Swollen Tongue and Death Boner


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Nothing in the way of background info on this guy but he was found floating in a river and when he made it back to dry land, he has suffered what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the abdomen. … Continue reading

Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies


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Phew! Another stinker fresh from the waters of South East Asia. You’d think Thais would have evolved gills by now as close as they are to the water. Although, looking at the one pic, this chap appears to have suffered … Continue reading