Gallery of Medical Gore


This gallery contains 10 photos.

Life got you down? Foreign conflicts too confusing? Police brutality too rage-inducing? Well, put down that razor blade, Dr. Obli’s got 10cc’s of medical-related gore to get you back on your feet. Some brutal shit here, guys. Guts everywhere, assorted … Continue reading

Autopsy of Man Riddled Senseless with Gunfire


This gallery contains 1 photo.

This video is a compilation of two videos. First one shows I think the execution of a captured Syrian man by the FSA rebels with rapid gunfire (I originally mistyped word rapid with fapid and was tempted to leave it … Continue reading

Before and After of Open Casket Preparation by Mortician and Embalmer


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Morticians and their make up artists must have a fascination for mortuary work. It’s a work of art to restore a mangled, decomposing corpse into a smooth, clean faced item to present inside a casket. I imagine they feel the … Continue reading

Travis Alexander Autopsy Photos


This gallery contains 44 photos.

On May 8, 2013 almost 5 years after she had brutally killed her boyfriend Travis Victor Alexander, Jodi Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder. The mad woman cut Travis Alexander’s throat, stabbed him multiple times and shot him in … Continue reading

John F. Kennedy Autopsy – Rare Photos


This gallery contains 15 photos.

As a non American, I never cared much about John F. Kennedy, but as my understanding of global issues expanded, I grew to understand his importance as possibly the last real president of the USA. Now that I have much … Continue reading

Corpse of Brutally Battered Man on an Autopsy Table


This gallery contains 1 photo.

Well, you tell me what happened to this feller cause I have no idea. He sure looks beat up – must have been put through hell before death found him. It would appear that he had been tortured. Perhaps those … Continue reading

Man vs Truck Accident Victim Obliterated on All Fronts


This gallery contains 20 photos.

There is only very scarce information available about this fellow, but apparently he was run over by a speeding truck, although he looks like a helicopter blade chopped him up. There’s significant trauma to his arm and leg and of … Continue reading

Man Cut in Half and Dismembered with a Chainsaw in Chile


This gallery contains 8 photos.

All I was told about these photos is that the victim was cut in half and dismembered with a chainsaw and that it allegedly happened in Chile. The photos were taken in a morgue as the corpse was being readied … Continue reading

Autopsy of Fetus That Was Aborted and Stabbed


This gallery contains 7 photos.

Based on the info I got, pregnant mother who aborted this late term fetus stabbed him with a knife because it was still alive when it came out of her. Or maybe the info I got was a tad distorted … Continue reading

Morticians Left This Female Corpse Outside the Morgue, Someone Took Pictures


This gallery contains 4 photos.

For the reasons I can’t understand, this female corpse was left by morticians just outside the door to a morgue on a slab. It almost looks like they left her out in the sun to dry before taking her inside. … Continue reading