Autopsy Photos of Daniel Shaver – Murdered by Cop in Mesa, Arizona

On January 18, 2016, Daniel Shaver of Granbury, Texas, was gunned down outside his hotel room in Mesa, Arizona after he was ordered out by a group of six Mesa cops with their guns drawn and pointed at him. The cops were responding to a report that someone was pointing a rifle out a window. … Continue reading “Autopsy Photos of Daniel Shaver – Murdered by Cop in Mesa, Arizona”

Chinese Girl on the Slab

Well, it’s just as the title says. Some pretty good, hi-res photos of pre-autopsy examination of a young Chinese woman. Although, we do get a nice ending shot of her opened up. Wish there was more.. Unfortunately, no real info on what exactly happened, although I can speculate, same as you guys. Notice the mark … Continue reading “Chinese Girl on the Slab”

Brazilian Funk Dancer Has Brains Blown Out by Her Boyfriend

29 year old Amando Bueno, a Brazilian Funk Dancer, member of Funk Group, “Gaiola das Popozudas” (Big Booty’s Cage), was brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Milton Severiano Vieira aka “Miltinho da Van”. They were planning on getting married and he had not previously acted out in any violent way towards her. But seemingly out of … Continue reading “Brazilian Funk Dancer Has Brains Blown Out by Her Boyfriend”

2 Separate Cases of Full Blown AIDS in Heroin Addicts

What we have here are two men who were heroin addicts that caught HIV. Untreated, HIV will eventually turn into AIDS. AIDS is the condition of having so much HIV in the body that you no longer have any natural defenses against bacteria or disease. Even the common cold becomes deadly. You do not contract … Continue reading “2 Separate Cases of Full Blown AIDS in Heroin Addicts”

Asian Woman in a Morgue

Happy Sunday/Monday everyone. I have here some very high quality images of an Asian woman laying on an autopsy table and then an image of her once the procedure had started with her sternum removed and her lungs and and innards exposed. She appears to be in very good condition with no sign of physical … Continue reading “Asian Woman in a Morgue”

Corpse of Man with Head Thoroughly Skinned Off

There is only one photo of this man, and there is no verifiable backstory so authenticity is questionable at best. It’s a photo of a corpse of a man laid out on an autopsy table. The corpse’s skull is exposed due to the apparent skin-off, and its entire skin, including the eyeballs rest on the … Continue reading “Corpse of Man with Head Thoroughly Skinned Off”

Gallery of Medical Gore

Life got you down? Foreign conflicts too confusing? Police brutality too rage-inducing? Well, put down that razor blade, Dr. Obli’s got 10cc’s of medical-related gore to get you back on your feet. Some brutal shit here, guys. Guts everywhere, assorted body parts, autopsies and deformed infants. What the fuck else could you ask for? In … Continue reading “Gallery of Medical Gore”

Autopsy of Man Riddled Senseless with Gunfire

This video is a compilation of two videos. First one shows I think the execution of a captured Syrian man by the FSA rebels with rapid gunfire (I originally mistyped word rapid with fapid and was tempted to leave it there). After that, the video shows a corpse of a man riddled senseless with gunfire … Continue reading “Autopsy of Man Riddled Senseless with Gunfire”

Before and After of Open Casket Preparation by Mortician and Embalmer

Morticians and their make up artists must have a fascination for mortuary work. It’s a work of art to restore a mangled, decomposing corpse into a smooth, clean faced item to present inside a casket. I imagine they feel the same way artists who work on restorations of damaged artworks do. The two autopsy photos … Continue reading “Before and After of Open Casket Preparation by Mortician and Embalmer”

Travis Alexander Autopsy Photos

On May 8, 2013 almost 5 years after she had brutally killed her boyfriend Travis Victor Alexander, Jodi Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder. The mad woman cut Travis Alexander’s throat, stabbed him multiple times and shot him in the head. Best Gore previously featured earlier leaked crime scene photos of Travis Alexander’s killing, … Continue reading “Travis Alexander Autopsy Photos”