The Caption This Photo Contest #29

Threesome in the Morgue

Lat caption photo contest had some brilliant captions. Hope you can do just as well with this one.

Best Caption:

I gave that Bitch an Autopsy. Bitches love Autopsies – Kinky John


“you don’t have to hold my balls i’m not going anywhere i’m dead remember!?” – bananapeel

“you were always a gutless bitch.”
“and you’re a yellow bellied bastard with a limp dick.” – Catabis

First the kids, then the inlaws, now this, dang, we can’t get ANY privacy!! – JohnnyRatBlood

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Mexican Man Killed Crossing a Freeway

Femur Bone Dislocated and Pushed Out of a Thigh

This accident took place in Mexico. A man allegedly tried to cross a freeway but got hit by a car. His femur bone, the strongest bone in the body dislocated at the hip joint and ended up exposed, sticking out of the thigh. His head suffered from severe trauma as can be seen by indistinct, but present leakage of blood in the photo of the body on the freeway.

The mortician (forensic pathologist) who worked on the corpse opened the skull and removed the brain for examination. Apparently this is a standard procedure and part of the autopsy routine. Not sure why after getting hit by a car the man ended up in his underwear. It’s usually shoes that fly off the feet, but judging by that gash on his thigh that dislocated his femur, he did take some pretty heavy hit in that area which could be the reason why his pants are off.

Gallery of a Mexican man who was killed trying to cross a freeway is below:

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Ngatikaura Ngati – Story and Pictures of a Child Beaten to Death

Ngatikaura Ngati - Story and Pictures of a Child Beaten to Death

This is one of the saddest and most shocking stories we’ve had on Best Gore yet. 3 year old Ngatikaura Ngati was having himself a great childhood. His foster parents Kura Kaufusi and Finau who cared for him since he was one month old loved him and treated him well. He was a happy child but things took a bad turn three weeks after his third birthday.

When Maine Ngati – mother of Ngatikaura Ngati realized that she could get child support money from the government if she had her child she originally rejected in her care, she decided she was not gonna let such easy income slip out of her grasp and plucked Ngatikaura from his loving home in South Auckland, New Zealand.

Just a wee bit after three years old, Ngatikaura Ngati was thrown into a new home. Confused and stressed out, Ngatikaura found himself in Otara, in a house with other four children, including a new born. Even though he used to normally use toilet before, after his biological mother took him, he started to regularly wet himself and developed a bad ulcer on his behind.

Instead of seeking medical treatment, Ngatikaura’s mother just covered the oozing area with sanitary pad. Once happy and confident child turned into a terrified being who would mess his pants in days. Since accidents in his pants were always followed by beatings, he would try to get rid of the evidence by throwing the poop out of the window each time it occurred.

After nine weeks of living with his biological parents, Ngatikaura Ngati died. He was beaten to death. His whole body was covered with bruises to a point that the pathologist who tried to count them for the court stopped when he got to 50.

It never seemed too hard for his parents to find a reason for beating. When he crapped his pants, he was beaten. When he moved too fast, he was beaten. When he didn’t move fast enough, he was beaten. When he didn’t jump like his mother wanted him to, he was beaten. When he didn’t address his mother or his father the way they liked, he was beaten. When he didn’t play the game right, he was beaten. When he… you get the memo.

The three months of his stay with his real parents was basically a series of beatings he took almost on daily basis and the relatives turned a blind eye to it. According to the evidence presented to the High Court in Auckland, 32 year old Maine Ngati, mother of Ngatikaura would punch the child in the face with clenched fist, slap him around the face or beat him with a stick when she found him to be naughty. 27 year old Teusila Fa’asisila – Ngatikaura’s stepfather would beat him with whatever was nearby and could be used as a weapon, including a baseball bat.

Maine Ngati confessed to the police that in one of the last beatings that would lead to child’s death, she used a stick to discipline Ngatikaura but only used it for strokes to the body. She maintained that when it came to his head, she only hit him with her hand.

After this beating, Ngatikaura was covered with bruises and his arm was twice its normal size from swelling, but instead of taking him to the hospital, Maine made him take a bath and go to bed. Unable to get up in the morning due to pain in hand, Ngatikaura was unable to go to the bathroom and soiled his pants again, which triggered another vicious beating.

When his stepfather came home later that day, he showed him too which brought the child to the brink of death. Doctors said that the only thing that kept him alive at this stage was his young, strong heart. His body was black and blue, but that didn’t stop his parents from delivering more beatings the following day. Those were his last.

On his last day, Maine Ngati found his son with soiled pants again and picked up a stick. She told the police that she made him stand against the wall and lift his feet so she could beat his soles but according to the other children living in the house, this is not what happened. Autopsy also found no signs of trauma to the feet.

The more likely version is that of the children who said that Ngatikaura was beaten by his step dad with a baseball bat. Forensic experts found traces of Ngatikaura’s blood on the ceiling proving that he took strokes strong enough to send his blood this high, after he was already bleeding. Blood in lower areas of the walls and the floor was diluted proving that the couple attempted to hide the evidence. The fact that they were trying to hide it was further proven by pathologists finding bruises that were caused by a weapon which was not found in the house.

When this last beating occurred, Maine was at a job interview. After she’d returned home, Ngatikaura was beaten out of consciousness. She tried to perform CPR on him, but since boy didn’t look very well, she asked her uncle who lived nearby to come over and help.

Uncle insisted that an ambulance must be called immediately but Maine didn’t want to do it because she was afraid that the police would find out. Eventually she had no other choice so she picked up the phone and called St. John’s telling the operator that she had beaten her son with a stick but focused her conversation on requests to not tell the police.

The operator who answered her call testified that throughout the call, she was more worried about what could happen to her because of this beating, than about whether her son would survive.

Near lifeless body of Ngatikaura Ngati was taken to a hospital but despite intensive care, the doctors were unable to save the boy’s life. When child’s loving foster mother Kura Kaufusi learned about this, she rushed to the hospital and stayed by boy’s side till his last moments.

Kura Kaufusi and her husband Finau could not have children of their own. She was a cousin of Maine so when Maine asked her if she’d take her unwanted son, Kura accepted without hesitation. Then after 3 years, in November 2005, Maine took what had become the heart and soul of Kura and Finau away from them, only to kill it within 3 months.

Kura believes that Maine was claiming child benefits for more children than she was taking care of so when a threat of her being caught became real, she nabbed Ngatikaura Ngati away from Kura and Finau to ensure the money doesn’t stop coming in.

Maine Ngati and Teusila Fa’asisila were charged with murder but were found not guilty. Instead, they were found guilty of manslaughter, failure to provide medical care which could have saved Ngatikaura’s life and of wilful child cruelty. They were both sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison. Allegedly, because they were not hitting him with the sticks in the head, they were unaware they were hurting him so that was good enough of an excuse to avoid murder charges.

That’s for the sad story of Ngatikaura Ngati. Autopsy pictures of his beaten body are in the gallery below:

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Child in a Womb Shot to Death (Warning)

Child in a Womb Shot to Death (Warning)

Just when you though you’ve seen it all and nothing more could get to you, here comes a picture of a baby which was killed while still in a womb. Pregnant woman who bore this child took a single shot to her stomach which – as horrific as it sounds – killed two birds with one stone. This is an autopsy photo of what the child looked like after it was pulled out of the womb of its dead mother.

It looks as though the child was towards the end of its journey as a foetus with mother’s due date coming pretty soon. Someone ended it for both of them prematurely. Perhaps it’s for the best that the mother didn’t survive the shooting (according to what I am told) so she didn’t have to bear the sight of her child coming out of her with a hole in its back like this.

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Guts Came Out of the Ass

Guts Came Out of the Ass

Things didn’t go very nicely for this man (or do you think it’s a woman, given the curves?) after he was killed and then thrown in a garbage dumpster, but it only got worse from that point on. A garbage compacting truck came to empty the dumpster but the operators didn’t notice the body until after it was already in the compactor. The machine was disengaged and the body recovered but the corpse sustained lacerations on the back from truck’s shovel blades and his guts came out of his ass. Not a nice thing to happen to you, regardless of whether you’re dead of alive.

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The Caption This Photo Contest #13

Dead Boy with Open Stomach on an Autopsy Table

Caption this photo if you can…

Best Caption:

Stop moaning and give me the answer to six across. – Fester


Here’s a recipe for a mean stew. – dardyzac

But this says he has tonsilitis…oh shit! – 8X4

OK Mister Chan, your son’s tattoo removal was a little more difficult than expected… But here he is, good as new! – Joe112358

Hell dad, those sausages have repeated on me! – Cat 69

It takes a steady hand… Don’t touch the sides! Eeeeerrrr!!! Butter-fingers. There’s no fun like playing operation! – Cloud9213

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Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

It just plain sucks when your life reaches an end before you get a chance to try the finer things in life. It’s difficult to estimate an age of Chinese girls, but I’d say the girl in these pictures is in her early 20’s. Still a virgin with pretty, intact hymen, the girl never tasted the pleasures of having someone play with her vagina and then she died. Sad!

What’s with Chinese morticians performing an autopsy with the corpse still wearing her socks? I’m also not entirely convinced that the photo of an intact hymen belongs with the rest of the pictures, but it could. Spot light they used to illuminate her vulva with may have affected the white balance settings on the camera that took the picture to make it look entirely different from the rest of the photos.

Anyway, whether you’d like to see what an intact hymen looks like, or a dead Chinese girl on an autopsy table, the gallery below has it all:

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Brutal Cut Throat Murder Photos from Malaysia

Brutal Cut Throat Murder Photos from Malaysia

For some reason it seemed to sound better when I originally wrote: “Introducing Malaysia, the up and coming gore country” but that would be a false statement. Malaysia is a well established gore country, not up and coming. Brutal murders coupled with super bad drivers causing horrific traffic accidents make Malaysia one of the goriest countries in the world, but for some reason that manage to play it down so one wouldn’t say it was the case.

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. They have a large Chinese and Indian population who are free to follow their own religion, but the majority of inhabitants are Malays which means they are Muslims and must follow Muslim rules. Unlike in far more dangerous, hard core Islamic Indonesia, Malay Muslims are rather moderate but they are still Muslims so violence and hatred are indigenous to them.

Remember those pictures of The Thailand Jihad and the beheadings in southern Thailand? Well, they were done by Muslims originating from Malaysia. This area of Thailand, which is close to the border with Malaysia, is the only part of Thailand which has the same travel advisories that western government issue to Somalia, Iraq or Afghanistan. In other words, the presence of Muslims from Malaysia makes this area extremely dangerous.

But of course this type of violence by Malays is not limited to lands outside of their home country. There is more than a lot of it within Malaysia itself and photos from this set are just the beginning.

The story behind the murder is rather murky, but the man clearly pissed somebody off and saw his throat cut pretty darn well. With a gush of such size, it must have taken no more than a couple of minutes for him to bleed out completely. He had no chance.

Gallery of photos of a brutal cut throat murder from Malaysia is below:

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Advanced Decomposition of Corpse with Demonstration of Flammability

Advanced Decomposition of Corpse with Demonstration of Flammability

A set of photos from the 1968 Atlas of Legal Medicine show advanced decomposition of corpse with emphysematous state of scrotum and penis, and a demonstration of flammability of putrefactive gases.

First of all – emphysematous state of scrotum and penis kind of sucks cause it makes you look like you’re having a semi but you’re well beyond the point of no return and then – when demonstrating flammability of putrefactive gases, was there really no better spot to choose than dead man’s dick? Leave dead man’s semi erect penis alone.

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The Caption This Photo Contest #6

Autopsy Cut by Pussy

I have to play the broken record again – the image is hyperlinked so a higher resolution version can be accessed. But do not post your captions on the attachment page, post it here on this main post page. Otherwise it will not be counted as “the best”.

Your turn again – caption this photo in a contest #6.

Best Caption:

More than one way to skin a pussy… – Deadpool


A German Nazi “How to” photo on the Art of Drinking a Real Bloody Mary. – jadams

I’ll find that dildo for you ma’am – Nicky

They said finding the G-spot would be hard, but DAMN! – lamelamelame

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