Dead Michael Jackson Naked on a Gurney


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Had enough of Michael Jackson yet? Here’s one picture from the People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray court case showing dead Michael Jackson naked on a gurney with his genitals blacked out. SnrSwank says: They’re just exploiting a dead Michael Jackson … Continue reading

Early 20th Century Gore Photos from Austria


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These rare vintage photos were sent in by Best Gore friend and supporter Otis Gore who gets utmost props for sharing them with me and the rest of the community. They are early 20th century photos from Austria, are available … Continue reading

Skull Shatters Like Glass After a Headshot

Skull Shatters Like Glass After a Headshot

Boom! Headshot and the skull shatters like a bowl of glass. It’s amazing to see the autopsy of skull after it took a single shot from a fire arm. Gun experts – what kind of gun could shatter the skull like this?

And if we have gun experts reading, I was wondering if I could pick your brains. Imagine a guy who knows nothing about firearms wants to buy an inexpensive, but reliable rifle. Imagine the said guy is going on a yearlong expedition through unexplored territory and will have no opportunity to buy a replacement rifle or have the existing one fixed so he needs something that’s (known for being) pretty reliable and nigh indestructible. It should be dependable and work in most weather conditions, be reasonably lightweight (not heavy as fuck), and easy to operate (aka not something you need a 5 week course only to start up). It should also be easy and uncomplicated to keep working and maintain, not something that would become useless if specialty maintenance tools were damaged or lost. Ammo it uses should also be cheap – the cheaper ammo the better. And of course it should be reasonably accurate, not too heavy and single shot should be deadly enough so it can be used for both hunting and protection. What would you say is the best rifle for such guy to purchase?

Thanks for the tips ;)

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Skull Destroyed After Drunk Driver Collides with Truck in Mexico

Mexican Morticians Seem to Have As Much Fun At Work As Thais For Whom Death Is a Joke

Today’s Best Gore is brought to you by Best Gore friend Daniel M. from Mexico who graciously shared these images from his private stash. The victim is a 55 year old male who went for a ride after a whole lot of tequila shots and got into a collision with a truck in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. The morale of the story clearly is – unless you’re driving a nigh indestructible Smart Car, a collision of your passenger car with a truck is gonna result in truck’s favor. If you’re lucky, it will only be your car that gets destroyed. If you’re less lucky, it will be both your car and yourself… Actually NO. You should not drink and drive regardless of what you drive. Drunk drivers never win and even get mocked after death (see pic).

The man in our pictures ended up with nasty skull crush, but it is the pathologist who makes the pics so Caption-Contest worthy. Viva la Mexico.

Thanks Daniel for pictures ;)

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Upper Torso Innards Revealed

Upper Torso Innards Revealed

Blue body bag on the table, black garbage bag in the corner, leather belt with studs, mullet of champions… this picture has it all. Even exposed innards which look bloody strange for innards from upper torso.

I don’t know what exactly happened here, or where for that matter. Does he look Middle Eastern to you? They don’t wear mullets in Iraq or Afghanistan, do they? Give me your theories cause I really don’t know what the hack is going on.

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Hammer Attack Skull Fractures

Hammer Attack Skull Fractures

This is what human skull looks like after an attack by hammer. Photos show depressions caused by standard household hammer with 3/4 to 1 inch head diameter. I wonder if it was a woman who inflicted these wounds cause if normal force was applied, the skull would not just be depressed – the hammer would have to go right through it and leave a hole, wouldn’t it?

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There, I Fixed Him!

Almost Looks Like Voodoo Doll with Stithced Up Eye Lids

Spectacular stitching job. Reminds me of that popular “There I Fixed It” series that’s all over t3h interwebz. Like new, all ready for an open casket funeral! I certainly hope this is not the final product and the mortician will also stuff his fractured skull with whatever they use as stuffing material to make it more ball shaped before they release the body. That Frankenstein monster look is otherwise rather unappealing for an open casket.

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The Original Faces of Death – 1978 Movie

The Original Faces of Death - 1978 Movie

Let’s take a break from our regular programming and reflect back to the gore of the past. The 1978 movie Faces of Death is one of the original gore compilations that became widely available to public. The producers of the movie marketed it with a slogan that the movie was banned in over 46 countries. This was meant to make it clear that it’s truly horrific. And for the time it was. However, many of the scenes were staged and obviously fake, oftentimes involving truly horrible acting. This was admitted by the producers but given when the movie was originally released, the scenes were graphic enough to shiver the spines of then viewers.

Much of the movie contains footage from animal slaughterhouses or other scenes involving animal abuse and killings. Those are usually authentic and pretty disturbing. Overall, The Original Faces of Death movie is a brief encyclopedia of various ways to die and elaborates roughly on each of them. There were several sequels to the Original Faces of Death made, but this presentation is what started it all. And even though it doesn’t stand up to anything widely available throughout the internet today, the Original Faces of Death will remain a household name in the world of gore for its pioneering contribution and exposure of man’s fascination with death. Watch the Original faces of Death – full length, uncut video below. It’s a 2 and a half hour long video which contains the Original Faces of Death (1 hour 45 minutes) and some extra footage with director Conan Le Cilaire (real name John Alan Schwartz) being interviewed by Louise Jane (funny computerized voices):

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The Caption This Photo Contest #29

Threesome in the Morgue

Lat caption photo contest had some brilliant captions. Hope you can do just as well with this one.

Best Caption:

I gave that Bitch an Autopsy. Bitches love Autopsies – Kinky John


“you don’t have to hold my balls i’m not going anywhere i’m dead remember!?” – bananapeel

“you were always a gutless bitch.”
“and you’re a yellow bellied bastard with a limp dick.” – Catabis

First the kids, then the inlaws, now this, dang, we can’t get ANY privacy!! – JohnnyRatBlood

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Mexican Man Killed Crossing a Freeway

Femur Bone Dislocated and Pushed Out of a Thigh

This accident took place in Mexico. A man allegedly tried to cross a freeway but got hit by a car. His femur bone, the strongest bone in the body dislocated at the hip joint and ended up exposed, sticking out of the thigh. His head suffered from severe trauma as can be seen by indistinct, but present leakage of blood in the photo of the body on the freeway.

The mortician (forensic pathologist) who worked on the corpse opened the skull and removed the brain for examination. Apparently this is a standard procedure and part of the autopsy routine. Not sure why after getting hit by a car the man ended up in his underwear. It’s usually shoes that fly off the feet, but judging by that gash on his thigh that dislocated his femur, he did take some pretty heavy hit in that area which could be the reason why his pants are off.

Gallery of a Mexican man who was killed trying to cross a freeway is below:

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