Surgical Circumcision of Young Boy in Malaysia

As a member of the species that practise and encourage en masse mutilation of sexual organs of boys, I feel ashamed. Where do we get the nerve to call ourselves civilized when this barbarity is a daily occurrence. Millions of boys are stuck living for the rest of their lives with mutilated genitalia because of … Continue reading “Surgical Circumcision of Young Boy in Malaysia”

Barbarism of Infant Circumcision

If there are any aliens observing the activities of people on Earth, they must be thinking to themselves – humans evolved quite a lot in many areas. Their technology is pretty advanced, medical sciences ditto, they’re even exploring far away parts of the universe, but man… in spite of how far they’ve got as a … Continue reading “Barbarism of Infant Circumcision”

Mass Circumcision Event in Indonesia

Are you fucking kidding me? Is this how circumcision is done in Indonesia? A fucking circus comes to town and all school boys show up with their pants down to get their foreskin chopped off by some teenage muslimas without a hijab? Way to scar a boy for life – having young bitches play with … Continue reading “Mass Circumcision Event in Indonesia”

Jewish Circumcision Video – Complete with Metzitzah aka Blood Sucking

This video offers slightly more complete view of the barbaric procedure of circumcision practiced by the Jews on infant boys. The other video of Jewish Circumcision we had previously posted doesn’t contain the technique called Metzitzah (or mezizah) in which mohel (character who performs the circumcision) suck’s on infant’s freshly circumcised penis. This is done … Continue reading “Jewish Circumcision Video – Complete with Metzitzah aka Blood Sucking”

Jewish Circumcision in Colombia – WARNING: Infant (video)

Circumcision – one of the most barbaric acts one human being can do to another. The severity of this practice is further amplified by the fact that the victim is a defenseless child. There is no excuse for genital mutilation whether done on males or females, unless there is a medically warranted need for it. … Continue reading “Jewish Circumcision in Colombia – WARNING: Infant (video)”