Bicyclist Gets His Throat Slashed with a Sword in Pattaya, Thailand


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The most dangerous place for tourists and vacationers in the world, and the largest mass grave of foreigner nationals murdered abroad – Pattaya in Thailand reached a new first. I’ve run Best Gore for 5 years but this is the … Continue reading

Thai Soldiers Ambushed and Killed by Muslim Jihadists in Narathiwat Province


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Restive Southern Thailand, including the province of Narathiwat where these photos are from has been ravage by Islamic insurgency for years. Where Islam goes, bloodbath follows. Jihadists have been so active in the south of Thailand, theirs counts as the … Continue reading

Pregnant Thai Woman Crushed by Truck, Fetus Squeezed Out


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Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Young Thai girl in a late term pregnancy was riding a motorcycle and fell under the wheels of a big truck. The wheels crushed her right in the middle, squeezing her fetus … Continue reading

Family with Children Beheaded in Southern Thailand

Family with Children Beheaded in Southern Thailand

You know what the difference between Thailand and Mexico is? When it comes to executions of rivals, both countries are exceptionally brutal but Mexicans, despite a threat of jeopardizing their travel industry, disclose the truth about what is really going on to both their national and international media. Thailand on the other hand, purposefully manipulates the facts and hides the inconvenient truth from the world so their lucrative travel income doesn’t stop. Take this case for instance – an entire family including children (one of them mere 9 year old) was brutally beheaded and not only was this story skillfully hidden from all international media, not even Thai media had any normal report on it. Allegedly one newspaper had a one line mention that something like this happened, but that’s about it. If it weren’t for this leaked video, we would never know about this horrific crime.

If you are a parent and have a 9 year old in your household – take a look at them and imagine seeing them with their head decapitated. You’ll understand the horror of this beheading the best. But even for the rest of us who don’t have children – it still is beyond messed up. Just what kind of issues do you have to have to decapitate a child? That’s BTW yet another difference between Thailand and Mexico – many Mexican cartels pledge that they never target innocent people and never kill or torture women or children. Yes, despite of all the brutality that takes place in Mexico, they still have some honor in their lives. Thais have none.

Thailand is without doubt the most dangerous country in the world for tourists (it does lag behind the Philippines in terms of kidnappings of foreigners, but leads the way in terms of killings). No other country in the world sees foreigners slaughtered on a comparable scale. But these facts are withdrawn and systematically suppressed so as not to jeopardize the income from tourism. Thai king is the richest monarch in the world. Richer than Queen of England or Sultan of Brunei. What do you think is the real source of sudden Thai riches?

Remember that Australian man by the name of Ronald Wayne Martin who was shot dead in cold blood by a Thai xenophobe just because he was a foreigner and how all Thais had no issues with foreigners being killed because they hate foreigners and enjoy seeing them dead? Obviously, his murder was never reported in any western media and only small mention was made in one Thai publication in Thai language to keep it from making its way out into the open. Thais love the money foreigners bring, but hate everything else about us.

When it comes to this family – they were Thais as well, not foreigners. But reports on any case of exceptional brutality in Thailand are systematically suppressed to ensure that in the eyes of an average foreigner, Thailand seems like a tropical paradise full of nice, welcoming people. If foreigners saw the truth – that Thais are a murderous and xenophobic nation, they would not flock there in such large numbers and king’s wealth would diminish. Thai king – like all other Thais – never smiles. Good luck trying to find a pic of that self obsessed, arrogant man with a smile on his face.

Enough blabbering, though. Southern Thailand is plagued by Islamic insurgency. That’s on top of ridiculously high murder rate throughout the rest of the country. Human life has a very little value in Thailand so getting someone killed is a matter of shelling out a few bucks, but as if that weren’t bad enough, Thailand is also a country with the deadliest Islamic insurgency in a non Islamic country (third deadliest in the world, after Afghanistan and Pakistan). Imagine what a combination of a murderous Thai with an Islamic extremism produces. The answer is in the video below – a monster who would have no trouble beheading a 9 year old child. Welcome to Thailand.

UPDATE: A Best Gore reader sent me an email saying that this happened in Rayong, which is a town not far from Pattaya – the biggest brothel in the world which attracts many foreigners which in turns attracts Thai mafia twinks who like to separate foreigners from their money at any cost, including murder the rate of which is alarming in Pattaya. If what my contact tells me is correct, then the these kids were killed by their father, who then hung himself. There are alleged speculations that Mr. Sawai (murderer) was a drug abuser who went loco.

In conclusion – never trust a Thai. Thais have no problem beheading their own family members or selling them to foreigners for money so they can kill them, which is what inspired the story behind Eli Roth directed movie Hostel. This is what Thais are capable of doing to their own family, Imagine what they could do to someone they have no emotional connection with whatsoever.

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Fratricide in Thailand – Man Beheaded by His Own Brother

Fratricide in Thailand - Man Beheaded by His Own Brother

Fratricide is an act of killing your own brother. Last time we had a post containing fratricide, it was from Turkey. This fratricide is from Thailand where value of human life is next to nothing and being someone’s relative doesn’t make its value any higher. Eli Roth mentioned in an interview that movie Hostel he directed was inspired by events from Thailand where people would sell their own relatives for $1,000. People who paid this money wanted an experience of killing someone and that’s what Thailand can offer.

Basically, if you live in Thailand, there is virtually nobody you can trust. Even your own brother would sell you for a little moolah and if there is no seller, he would just behead you himself. That’s pretty much what happened to the fellow in these pictures. It only took a little domestic dispute and the heads were being chopped off. I’ve even heard that the killer cannibalized his dead brother after beheading. Thais are genuinely nice like that.

Gallery of fratricide photos whereas a Thai man killed his own brother by beheading is below:

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Beheadings in Thailand (photos)

Beheadings in Thailand (photos)

I always used to think of Thailand as a country where one would go for cheap sex tourism. You pay an equivalent of $4 for a full body massage with happy ending. Or you can get a virgin who was deflowered 156 times before, but they always manage to put fake hymen inside of her to pass for a virgin so you pay extra. Petit build and young look satisfy the cravings of even the most hard core pedophile so Thailand keeps attracting lots of people who fly there to get what they can’t get back home. But gore doesn’t avoid popular sex tourism spots either. Beheadings happen in Thailand more than one would be willing to admit.

The photos in a gallery below are from somewhere in Thailand. Location unknown and so is the story behind it. I hope I can get the awesomeness of the Best Gore community to come up with the background story again. I see a minimum of two men, presumably soldiers (judging by the army camo outfit) beheaded. Their heads were found in the river, not sure where their bodies were found, but the blood marking on the road suggests that they were beheaded at one spot, then dragged to another and left to rot headless.

BTW – my friend who is in Thailand right now is telling me that you can safely ask a hooker if she has AIDS and apparently they tell you for sure. He unloads his sperm into their vaginas for $4 every day without rubber. Hasn’t caught anything and apparently all it takes is to ask. Wow, honest hookers… that’s a new.

UPDATE: I have received some additional info on these beheading in Thailand from Best Gore reader Annaleigh. Annaleigh currently lives in Bangkok and says these beheadings took place in southern Thailand along the way to Pattaya. Muslim separatists have been performing their atrocities there for a while and are impossible to control. The soldiers who were captured were riding out of the village and got ambushed by these Muslim separatists. They were shot and subsequently beheaded. Their headless bodies were then dragged across into the river to keep them from view.

Thanks for pictures, Nefarious

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