Aftermath of Surgery to Correct Pseudotumor Cerebri

These photos were sent by BestGore member ladywicked666 and show the aftermath of her surgery to correct a condition called “Pseudotumor Cerebri”, on which the brain thinks it has a brain tumor so it keeps producing high quantities of cerebral fluid trying to flush away the foreign object which isn’t really there. The operation was … Continue reading “Aftermath of Surgery to Correct Pseudotumor Cerebri”

Guy Bitten in Face by Pitbull

Best Gore member patoshik sent us this photo taken after his face was bitted by a friend’s pitbull. Here’s his story: It was New Year’s Eve and fireworks had just gone off. I was patting my friend’s pit bull and next thing I knew, it just lunged at my face whilst I was kneeling down … Continue reading “Guy Bitten in Face by Pitbull”

Middle Finger Crushed by a 13 Ton Wagon

Best Gore member LadyT sent us these pictures of a friend of hers who had his hand crushed by a 13 ton wagon and lost his middle finger. He is still in hospital at the minute and the extent of the damage to the rest of his hand is unknown at this time. This is … Continue reading “Middle Finger Crushed by a 13 Ton Wagon”

Self-Mutilation Enthusiast Pierces Forearm with Syringes

Best Gore member EV0Love sent us a video of self mutilation by piercing his forearm with syringes. My name is Adam, I’ve been a self-mutilation enthusiast since I was 15 and I’m currently 23. I have multiple scars on my wrists and on all other areas of my body. I became self-conscious of the visible … Continue reading “Self-Mutilation Enthusiast Pierces Forearm with Syringes”

Hand Cut with Fallkniven F1 – Swedish Air Force Survival Knife

Best Gore member crapface.justin sent us pictures of his hand after he cut is with a Fallkniven F1 knife. Fallkniven F1 have been the official survival knives for the Swedish Air Force pilots since 1995. If you were to ask on any survivalism or bushcraft focused forum for recommendations on reliable, well balanced knives with … Continue reading “Hand Cut with Fallkniven F1 – Swedish Air Force Survival Knife”

Guy Stabbed in Hand Trying to Stop Robber from Stealing His Phone

Best Gore member lethalnet sent us the pic with the following story to go with it: My buddy and I were out on the street walking home from a bar and we were rather drunk and a short fat guy approached us and asked to use our phone to call a taxi. I declined but … Continue reading “Guy Stabbed in Hand Trying to Stop Robber from Stealing His Phone”

Well Developed Pussy with Outbreak of Genital Warts – Happy Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is for the most part a depressing and disheartening time of year – as it’s a perfect time of year to get it thrown in your face that your secret crush doesn’t give two shits about you, but will gladly put on a fake smile to collect whatever it is you bought … Continue reading “Well Developed Pussy with Outbreak of Genital Warts – Happy Valentine’s Day”

Hand Wound Sutured After Accidental Impalement with Chisel

Best Gore member Texas1993 impaled his hand with a chisel and hooked us up with a video of the cut being sutured. In his own words: It’s not a super nasty video, but it’s still enough to make the odd person cringe. I put a chisel in my hand last year while working on a … Continue reading “Hand Wound Sutured After Accidental Impalement with Chisel”

Collection of Photos by General Surgeon at Bangalore Medical College

Best Gore member speak english or die provided us with these exclusive photos taken for us by his friend’s sister who is a general surgeon at Bangalore medical college in India. Lots of juicy looking stuff to see there. Thanks a lot speak english or die for this great collection.

Chainsaw Wounds to Forearm

This Best Gore exclusive photo was sent in by Best Gore member KingSweeney who called it “when chainsaws attack”: The accident happened on the 10th of October 2013. My uncle was working on cutting branches and the chainsaw came back at him due to a branch that broke. Had to put up hand to stop … Continue reading “Chainsaw Wounds to Forearm”