Can Violent Content Cause Aggression?

As I was preparing for my trial for “corrupting morals“, I spoke with a number of university professors who have done research on the subject of violence in media, and whether violent content can cause aggression. I’d like to share the fruits of my research, because I believe the findings of the scholars I will … Continue reading “Can Violent Content Cause Aggression?”

Australian Journalist Seeks to Hear from Best Gore Members Open to Discussing Their Interest in Gore

I was recently interviewed by Australian journalist Jake Millar, who’s the Features Editor at GQ Australia. Jake is currently working on a piece about the popularity of graphic or violent internet content. Per his own words: I’m not trying to make any judgements about you or the content itself – I’m simply looking to get … Continue reading “Australian Journalist Seeks to Hear from Best Gore Members Open to Discussing Their Interest in Gore”

Merry Christmas 2016

This is my first Christmas I get to spent with the Best Gore community since freeing myself from Canada. It’s exciting. In four months since taking over Best Gore, both the website and myself have gone through a number of challenges. Updating Best Gore Out of Dominica’s Rain Forest My first three months I spent … Continue reading “Merry Christmas 2016”

Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary

If you like the content on Best Gore, but don’t particularly care for my commentary, there’s an alternative website for you to consider: is the official provider of video streaming and hosting services for Best Gore, and has been self maintained by yours truly since before my re-emergence. You can view videos that … Continue reading “Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary”

DDoS Attack on Best Gore – September 22, 2016

The above is a screenshot from CloudFlare – our CDN provider, who also proxies traffic to the website. The spike you can see at the end of the graph is the attack that targeted out website and took it down for 3 hours. The attack is still ongoing, but traffic is now filtered through … Continue reading “DDoS Attack on Best Gore – September 22, 2016”

It’s Been More Than Three Years

Hello S.O.B.’s, Remember me? I can barely remember myself. I’m Mark, and whatever you may have heard about me in the past is irrelevant. Past cannot be changed, and thus dwelling on it would make no sense. What holds possibilities is the future. To make the long story short – the good guys who operated … Continue reading “It’s Been More Than Three Years”

Unidentified Woman Cut in Half in Brazil, Cruel Crime Says Cops

The woman who’s remains are displayed in these pictures remained unidentified as of Monday, August 1, 2016. The second half of her body was not found. Only the upper portion seen in the gallery below. According to the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping in the New Victory neighborhood of the East Zone in Manaus in … Continue reading “Unidentified Woman Cut in Half in Brazil, Cruel Crime Says Cops”

August 2016 Update – The Good and The Bad

You guys have surely noticed that over the last few days, there has been a general slowdown in content being published. There was a very good reason for that, and without much fluff, here’s why: Mark is finally out of unsafe Canada. It didn’t happen without challenges and issues, but it’s finally done. It’s still … Continue reading “August 2016 Update – The Good and The Bad”

Attack Recovery, Forums Compromised

Last night, our server was a target of a massive multi-source attack that took the site down for over 8 hours. We have much of the attack mitigated, though the attack still continues in various degrees. The primary targets were the website’s forums, which continue getting hammered. The database tables that serve forum threads and … Continue reading “Attack Recovery, Forums Compromised”

Best Gore Member Shows Off Massive Bruise from Liposuction

Today’s Edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you exclusively by Best Gore member @StrongAndTasty, who recently had liposuction and wanted to share the experience. He goes on to explain the images: Hey guys! Yesterday I got a liposuction on the stomach, and I thought I’d send you guys some pictures to show … Continue reading “Best Gore Member Shows Off Massive Bruise from Liposuction”