Biker has Foot Almost Amputated from Car Accident

WARNING: This was VERY poorly translated so bare with me as I have to try my best to get a sense of what happened. Here are some few examples of what I mean: Prey Veng were injured isolated calf and hand. 2 Greek Lizard Male, 22 years old, a resident of the village were injured … Continue reading “Biker has Foot Almost Amputated from Car Accident”

Massive Wart Removals Cause Holes in Foot

An aunt’s warts have been removed as shown by the image which lead to enormous craters in her foot. There is no further information other than that this image was uploaded on the 30th of June 2015, so I assume it occurred around then. I am sorry but that shit is disgustingly grotesque and huge. … Continue reading “Massive Wart Removals Cause Holes in Foot”

Arm Deeply Cut and Sliced Open by a Table Saw

A hand of an unknown person/gender/age had been cut open by an extremely high degree and nearly cut off completely from a table saw. There is not really any information about this other than it had occurred on April 1 2015. The cut looks big enough to stuff it with the ego of [insert crap … Continue reading “Arm Deeply Cut and Sliced Open by a Table Saw”

Forklift Operator Crushed to Death When Machine Overturns

In an unspecified Asian country (looks like China to me), a forklift operator was crushed to death when the machine overturned and its frame pinned the operator’s head against the pavement. Those made-in-China forklifts, I tell you… Props to Best Gore member @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the video:

Cringeworthy Removal of Dressing from Leg Injured in Motorcycle Accident

A cringe worthy video shows a guy getting dressing from the leg injured in a motorcycle accident removed. By the sound of it, the guy doesn’t make a big deal of it, despite it looking all kinds of gnarly.

Bike Driver Severly Contorted from Collision in China

An electrical bike driver had collided with a truck on the “dark night” (as the police reported it) of Jiaojiang at around the evening of 9:30 16 June 2015 and died there (which honestly doesn’t surprise me). The biker was apparently aged 20 which is a common life expectancy for people in China and the … Continue reading “Bike Driver Severly Contorted from Collision in China”

Man Shoots Himself in Cheek to Prove He’s Hard Ass

Here’s a video of some idiot trying to be a hard ass and prove something by deliberately shooting himself through the cheek while sitting in the back seat of a car with a .22 calibre pistol. He then manages to swallow the bullet. Whatever about not caring about himself, he puts other people around him … Continue reading “Man Shoots Himself in Cheek to Prove He’s Hard Ass”

ISIS Promises More Attacks in France, Beheads Two Men Accused of Spying

A new video released by ISIS starts out showing footage of the Nice attack and praises Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel for killing 84 victims during Bastille Day celebrations. The video then switches to footage of injured and dead children supposedly caused by French airstrikes. The video ends with 2 French speaking Islamic State fighters promising more … Continue reading “ISIS Promises More Attacks in France, Beheads Two Men Accused of Spying”

Woman Shot Dead by Drug Traffickers in Belém, Brazil

Video showing a cold blooded execution of a young woman in a wooded area in Brazil surfaced today. Apparently, the woman was shot dead by drug traffickers for being an informant (whatever that means). According to the info I got, 19 year old Mayara da Silva Martins went missing on July 14, 2016. Her dead … Continue reading “Woman Shot Dead by Drug Traffickers in Belém, Brazil”

Crack User Killed in Palmares

I wonder if anyone managed to grab his pipe off him before he got whacked or if dude just died with it. Probably fell on it when he got shot and it broke. Tough luck I guess. This happened in Palmares, a city in Pernambuco, Brazil. An ex-convict and drug addict was shot dead at … Continue reading “Crack User Killed in Palmares”