Kurdish PKK Fighters Blow Up Turkish Military Truck with IED

Video released by pro-Kurdish media shows Kurdish militants blowing up a Turkish military truck with an Improvised Explosive Device. According to GerilaTv that released the video, the ambush was carried out in Hakkâri area, located in southeastern Turkey. Nice two angle view of the same explosion. Impeccable execution and timing. People inside the truck had … Continue reading “Kurdish PKK Fighters Blow Up Turkish Military Truck with IED”

Kurdish PKK Fighters Shoot Down Turkish AH-1 Cobra Helicopter

In southeast Turkey, Kurdish PKK fighters shot down a Turkish AH-1 Cobra helicopter. I must say it felt awkwardly strange when I watched the video of Middle Eastern man shoot down a helicopter, and not explode with excitement chanting Allahu Akbar. Like getting short changed. Props to Best Gore member @42ridick for the video:

ISIS Threatens Turkey with Video Compilation of Executions

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has released a video compilation of executions, beheadings and combat engagements, combined with a warning for the Turkish government. I guess Turkey’s not buying enough oil to satisfy Tel Aviv. The video is also allegedly aimed at recruiting ISIS fighters from Turkey. Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig … Continue reading “ISIS Threatens Turkey with Video Compilation of Executions”

Several Thai Soldiers Are Killed or Maimed When Military Vehicle Is Attacked

You may recall that Southern Thailand is home to the deadliest Islamic insurgency in a non Islamic country. The bloody conflict has been going on for years. Recently, a group of Thai soldiers was targeted, and their vehicle in which they were traveling hit with an explosive device. Several soldiers were killed, more were wounded.

Follow-up on Brussels Attacks

A few months ago, in January of 2016, Jew Benjamin Netanyahu warned the EU representatives in Brussels to change their “biased” policies towards Israel, or else. A few months later, innocent people get killed in Brussels and Jews worldwide celebrate and express morbid joy. Similar thing happened in November of 2014, when Jew Netanyahu warned … Continue reading “Follow-up on Brussels Attacks”

Brussels Airport Explosions – Photos, Videos and Analysis

At around 8am this morning in Brussels, Belgium, several bombs have exploded at the airport and a metro station. This story is still developing. First explosion was reported to be at the American Airlines ticket counter, but this information has since been dismissed as incorrect. It was later confirmed that the first explosion happened at … Continue reading “Brussels Airport Explosions – Photos, Videos and Analysis”

Underworld Assassination Attempt in Israel Leaves Two Men with Legs Ripped Off

At the intersection of Arvei Nahal and Shefa Tel in Tel Aviv, Israel, an apparent underworld assassination attempt left two gang members with legs ripped off. The duo was driving in a Volvo vehicle they didn’t know was rigged with explosives. A rival gang is believed to be behind the assassination attempt. The incident happened … Continue reading “Underworld Assassination Attempt in Israel Leaves Two Men with Legs Ripped Off”

Videos of Suicide Bomb Attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia

A series of coordinated suicide bomb and gun attacks rocked the downtown area of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. ISIS is said to have taken responsibility for the attacks, making it the first such attack in the South East Asian nation. So far, at least seven people have been reported killed, of whom five were … Continue reading “Videos of Suicide Bomb Attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia”

Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet Within Syrian Air Space

Turkey, a major supporter of ISIS and a NATO member, just shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter jet that was battling ISIS. Volodya Putin once again told it like it is, and called Turkey “accomplices of terrorists“. Turkey claims the Russian jet violated its air space. Putin gave the following statements during a press conference: … Continue reading “Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet Within Syrian Air Space”

Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike

I am of the firm belief that gore should be a part of your daily diet. So open up, here come the airplane. Info I got along with this brutal imagery describes this as a Syrian..well, previously, Syrian man who was taken out during a recent airstrike. Ripped apart but he manages a pointer. Also … Continue reading “Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike”