Brazilian’s Head is Destroyed by a Rifle


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This brutal head annihilation occurred in the Santa Teresinha bairro of Cajamar, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 50 year old victim was taken out with a shot from a rifle. The victim’s name has not yet been released but … Continue reading

Thai’s Head is Smashed by an 18 Wheeler


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A Thai man had the unfortunate opportunity to find out what it’s like to be run over by a truck when an 18 wheeler that had stopped for repairs suddenly rolled forward, quickly gained momentum, and struck the man in … Continue reading

Thai Struck by a Truck Leaves a Mangled Body in Pool of Blood


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Brutal accident happened in Thailand at an intersection in Phanat Nikom District. A man on a bike was struck while crossing the road by an 18 wheeler and smashed, flattened and mangled into a beautifully bloody pulp. We also have … Continue reading

Another Thai on a Motorcycle Turned Into Street Pizza


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This latest episode of Thai Death Ride occurred in the Sai Noi District of Thailand. 48 year old Chonong Chinsurionga crashed into an 18 wheeler which resulted in him being run over and squashed like a bug; his guts spilled … Continue reading

Thai Motorcyclist Crashes Into an Irrigation Canal, Brutal Head Injury


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Here at Best Gore we have conclusively proven that Thais and Motorcycles equate to Death. Case in point: A male Thai on a motorcycle lost control of his bike and crashed into an irrigation canal, cracking his head open and … Continue reading

Christmas in Thailand – Shotgun Suicide


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This past Christmas a Thai decided to end his own life via shotgun in Songkhala Province, Thailand. He used the tried and true method of the shotgun. Pistol grip must have made it a tad easier to pull off. Nothing … Continue reading

Thai Mechanic Gets His Face Smashed by Tractor Tire


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A tractor tire exploded and hit the mechanic working on the tractor square in the face. The pressures involved shot the tire into the man’s face with enough force to split it right in the middle and even ejected the … Continue reading

Three Thais on Motorcycle Killed After Hitting a 18 Wheeler at a Gas Station


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Motorcycles rear-ending trucks seems to be all the rage this year. This time three people including a woman took their turn at this South East Asian pass time and all succeeded in erasing themselves from the gene pool. The accident … Continue reading

Pair in Rough Shape After Crash – One Has Lower Leg Destroyed, The Other Skull Cracked Open


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I know nothing about this video, but it appears to show a pair in rough shape after a motorcycle crash. A guy on the right had his lower leg pretty much destroyed, but appears to be alive and conscious otherwise. … Continue reading

Pregnant Lawyer Commits Suicide with .357 Revolver


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I don’t think we’ve had too much from Paraguay so have a look see. Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay. A six months pregnant, 29 year old lawyer identified as Leidy Juliana González was found dead by her husband in their … Continue reading