Man Brutally Killed by Pickaxe to Head

I didn’t get much in terms of background info, but I have a feeling it’s again from our favorite country that’s totally owned the world of gore since the first minute of 2017. The video shows a man getting brutally killed by pickaxe to the head. He’s also stoned, bludgeoned with a 2×4, and with … Continue reading “Man Brutally Killed by Pickaxe to Head”

Man Crushed by Truck Beyond Recognition in East Java, Indonesia

This happened in Bangil – a town in the Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Indonesia. A man somehow ended up under the wheels of a truck, that crushed him beyond recognition. There are a couple of limbs that look somewhat human, but most of his body has been reduced to uncured jerky.

Beer Gut Man Shot Dead with Multiple Rounds

In the town of Baraúna in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a man sporting a healthy beer gut was shot dead while chilling in a chair. He was shot multiple times, and it looks like the killer came at him from the left.

Zeta Is Executed by Sinaloa Cartel in Front of Cornfield

Video from Mexico shows a member of Los Zetas being tortured and executed by sicarios belonging to the Sinaloa Cartel (El Chapo Guzman). The video was taken in front of a cornfield. The Zeta is executed with a point blank shot in the head, but before that happens, he is forced to give blowjob to … Continue reading “Zeta Is Executed by Sinaloa Cartel in Front of Cornfield”

Revenge Taken Out on Rival Gang Member in Caracas, Venezuela

Brutal video from Caracas in Venezuela shows a group of gang members taking revenge on a rival gang member by breaking his bones, shooting him to absolute shit and then cremating him right there on the street. When the video starts, the rival is already reduced to a blood and brain stain on the pavement. … Continue reading “Revenge Taken Out on Rival Gang Member in Caracas, Venezuela”

Weird Fight on Street Leads to Fatal Head Slam on Curb

A weird (drunk?) two on one street fight, involving a mixed gender couple battling a guy wearing a towel turban, leads to the turban guy giving the other guy a push, and the other guy slams to the floor, hitting his head on the curb. I don’t know where exactly the video is from, but … Continue reading “Weird Fight on Street Leads to Fatal Head Slam on Curb”

Woman Executed for Allegedly Stealing Drugs from Traffickers in Brazil

Video from Fortaleza in Ceará, Brazil shows a woman pleading for her life with drug traffickers, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. She gets shot without much hesitation, and finished off at close range with more gunfire. As is typical of Brazilian extrajudicial executions, the shooters’ guns jammed, so one appears to smack her … Continue reading “Woman Executed for Allegedly Stealing Drugs from Traffickers in Brazil”

Biker Wearing Red Paints Road Same Color

This happened in Kupang, Indonesia. A motorcyclist wearing mostly red crashed and died, painting the road the same color. There’s a lot to say about flip flops as the Grim reaper’s eternal companion. Props to Best Gore member @gyourson for the pics:

Motorcyclist Collides with Truck, Dies Strangely Twisted

In Ketapang, a village in Kalipuro, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia, a motorcyclist collided with an Isuzu Panther pickup truck, and got stuck under it. Once extracted, his body looked strangely twisted. The Ketapang village is named after the ketapang tree (Terminalia catappa), that grows fast and forms a beautiful, flowers filled canopy, providing shade in … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Collides with Truck, Dies Strangely Twisted”

Man Killed Next to Couch Outdoor

This happened on New Year’s Eve in Baraúna, a municipality in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. A man was killed next to a couch placed outdoor for chilling in the mosquito dominated space. The photos suggest that the victim suffered severe head trauma, unfortunately I did not get any details regarding how he was killed.