Young Cambodian Girl Loses Both Lower Legs to Landmine


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The Cambodian civil war, in which one third of the country’s population perished, ended in the late 1970′s, but its legacy continues to kill or maim people to this day. While exact numbers are unknown, at least 63,000 people have … Continue reading

Thorough Obliteration of Human Form by Truck in Cambodia


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On Best Gore, we see the meaning of “obliteration of human form” often, but seldom does it get as thorough as in this case. We also seldom see someone be as casual about a human pancake on a road as … Continue reading

Rotting Corpse of Cambodian Man Found Hanged Near Pattaya, Thailand


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On November 28, 2013, a hanged corpse in advanced state of putrefaction was found in a jungle near Pattaya in Chonburi, Thailand. Not sure how, but Thai police somehow identified the victim as 46 year old Cambodian man named Mr. … Continue reading

Bicyclist Gets His Throat Slashed with a Sword in Pattaya, Thailand


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The most dangerous place for tourists and vacationers in the world, and the largest mass grave of foreigner nationals murdered abroad – Pattaya in Thailand reached a new first. I’ve run Best Gore for 5 years but this is the … Continue reading

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum – Photos and Background Info


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It was built as a school but this place is better known as S-21, the Tuol Sleng prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Between 17,000 and 20,000 people were killed here between 1975 and 1979. Today, the site houses the Tuol … Continue reading

Man Executed by Khmer Rouge in Cambodia


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This video looks all kinds of fake, but allegedly it’s an authentic footage of a man being executed by the Khmer Rouge soldiers in Cambodia. Cambodians are like neighboring Thais – they compensate for size with excessive aggression. History book … Continue reading

Gutted Alive – Cambodian Capital Punishment

Gutted Alive - Cambodian Capital Punishment

Cambodians are primitive savages. They have always been. A history book of Cambodia would not contain a page which would not be filled to the last letter with blood bath. That goes as far back as the first mention of the Khmer empire and stretches all the way to present day, only Cambodia today is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by the world’s most corrupt government which not only somehow manages to hide their atrocities from the West, they also successfully play the “poor nation” card so us western taxpayers pick up the tab for the expenses the dictatorship incurs. Cambodia received an excess of $1 Billion in governmental help from western nations in 2009 – which was the tax money of hardworking tax payers like me and you.

Because our governments are not focused enough on what really goes on behind the curtain dictator Hun Sen put before their eyes, they believe what he tells them and end up sending him money which is all laundered and made untraceable before it’s stuffed into the pockets of Cambodian elite. Meanwhile, an average Cambodian folk lives on less than $2 a day without ever seeing a penny of the tax money our governments sent to Cambodia. And with no chance of seeing any improvement, the savagery in Cambodia continues.

People are killed here and there without recourse in Cambodia. Foreigners are not spared of the carnage, but their cases are often played down and made to look like traffic accidents so blame stays on the foreigners themselves (aka their poor riding skills). When henchmen are sent to execute someone, they do it in a way so as to induce as much pain and suffering as humanly possible (just the way they’ve been doing it for millennia). Gutting people alive by removing their organs while they’re fully conscious seems satisfactory enough for an average Cambodian savage so it’s an execution technique still widely used. Two photos of such execution performed by gutting the men while they were still alive are in a gallery below:

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Acid Attack Victim Photos – 36 Year Old Sokreun Mean from Cambodia

Sokreun Mean - 36 Year Old Cambodian Victim of Acid Attack

Cambodia has a very, very long history of bloodshed and violence. You can go through history books and read up on any part of Cambodian past and all you will find will be violence. The country as it is today is not different from the way it has always been. With its stellar corruption record and a complete joke of a police force, a value of human lives is in the neighbourhood of $20. Gun ownership is unregulated and uncontrolled, with handguns sold in the streets in broad daylight and thousands upon thousands of military grade weapons and explosives still floating around since the Khmer Rouge rule. Killing someone in Cambodia is as easy as pulling out that handgun you have and shooting them in the head in the street. In 9 out of 10 cases, the body will be eaten by stray dogs and nobody will bother to investigate into it. In a rare case that it’s someone associated with the powerful Cambodian elite, the heads will be chopped. Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen is a totalitarian dictator second in the number of people he had removed from his path only to Hitler or Stalin. Cambodia just rocks like that.

What kind of people do you think a society like this produces? I was gonna say – ask any of the foreigners who were brutally murdered in Cambodia, but they can no longer speak. Some were murdered for 2,000 Cambodian Riels (equivalent of 50 US cents) – just ask the family of Australian John Edward Thompson, others were beaten to death and as their body was laying there lifeless, the perpetrators stole all of their belongings, including their clothes letting them die in a ditch naked – just ask the family of Canadian Jiri Zivny who volunteered in Cambodia as an Aid Worker. The list of foreigners violently murdered in Cambodia just goes on.

Cambodia is also the rape capital of the world with men freely raping everyone from small children to elderly women without any form of recourse. Would it surprise anyone that Cambodia has some of the world’s highest rates of acid attacks per capita in the world? Since its induction in 2006, Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity registered 270 acid attack victims (CASC only registers victims who seek treatment and support through them, hence actual number of victims is much higher). 10 New cases were added to the total in the first three months of 2010 and by June of the same year – just before pictures of Sokreun Mean, the acid attack victim from the gallery below were taken – the number of acid attack victims grew by 17. There is basically one acid attack somewhere in Cambodia every few days.

These are no hoax acid attacks. Unlike the recent case of Bethany Storro from Vancouver, Canada, the attacks in Cambodia are very much real and victims end up severely scarred. Sokreun Mean lost her eyes and had her face severely disfigured after estranged wife of her ex-husband threw large quantity of acid on her. Sokreun Mean has been operated on more than 20 times but remains vastly disfigured and completely blind.

Gallery of photos of what Sokreun Mean is below. All photos are copyright 2010 Paula Bronstein, Getty Images Asia.

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Executions – 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)


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Watch this full feature documentary titled Executions which was filmed in 1995 and delivers exactly what its title suggests – videos of executions. The documentary offers an objective look at death penalty and state sponsored killing throughout different countries around … Continue reading