Child with Blisters and Second Degree Burns on Legs

These picture allege to depict a child with second degree burns on the leg, but I am having a hard time making sense of how it happened. Translating from Brazilian Portuguese, I learned that this happened to the child while in a nursery, and that it was caused by a “lagarta” – and no matter … Continue reading “Child with Blisters and Second Degree Burns on Legs”

Asian Child with Harlequin Ichthyosis

Video from an unspecified country in Asia depicts a child with Harlequin Ichthyosis – a genetic disease that turns skin of the affected person flaky and hard. The abnormalities in the skin also disrupt normal fluid retention within the body, and fail to act as a barrier that blocks bacteria and infection from readily entering … Continue reading “Asian Child with Harlequin Ichthyosis”

Corpses of Two Newborns Found in City Dump by Scavengers

On June 2, 2016, in the city of Baturité, state of Ceará, Brazil, corpses of two newborn children were found in a city dump. The corpses were stumbled across by scavengers. The police believe the corpses were placed there the day earlier. One of them had been strangled. Both showed signs of violence.

Dead Filipino Baby Found Inside Bag in Manila

A dead Filipino baby was found inside a bag in the nation’s capital city of Manila. It was reported that the mother of the child was raped by an addict. Too scared to get an abortion (abortion is illegal in the Philippines), the mother decided to give birth, and dump the baby. The mother was … Continue reading “Dead Filipino Baby Found Inside Bag in Manila”

10 Year Old Boy Hanged to Death by Robbers in Indonesia

10 year old boy named Yoga Adi Pratama, from the village of Adi Luhur, Panca Jaya District, Mesuji Lampung in Indonesia, left his home on Thursday, May 26, 2016 on a motorcycle (no age limit for riding in Indonesia, I guess), but never returned back home. The following day, he was found dead, hanging by … Continue reading “10 Year Old Boy Hanged to Death by Robbers in Indonesia”

Little Boy Mercilessly Bullied by Bigger Peers

Video from an Asian country – I’m not sure which one – shows a little boy being bullied by a group of bigger peers. The boy was isolated into an empty room, where he is held without the means to escape or get help. He is both outnumbered, and smaller than his bullies (at that … Continue reading “Little Boy Mercilessly Bullied by Bigger Peers”

Toyota with Dead Family Inside Being Unstuck from Under Truck

Even though I don’t have any background information about this video, nor do I speak Portuguese, we see so many videos from Brazil at Best Gore, I feel pretty confident assuming that this one is also from Brazil. The video shows a passenger car that looks like an older model Toyota Corolla, getting unstuck from … Continue reading “Toyota with Dead Family Inside Being Unstuck from Under Truck”

Attentive Truck Driver Avoids Running Over Excited Child

CCTV video from an undisclosed location depicts a child that gets excited when he sees a big truck, as if he was thinking that it’s a really cool oversize toy. He gets rights in the path of the truck as if to embrace it, but just as it starts to look like the road’s about … Continue reading “Attentive Truck Driver Avoids Running Over Excited Child”

Dead Fetus Market in Asia

If you ever wondered if those rumors about dead fetus butcher’s shops in Asia are true, this video may once and for all answer the question. Though it’s not quite clear what exactly is going on. I believe the video is from Thailand – where lack of unwanted fetuses has never been an issue. The … Continue reading “Dead Fetus Market in Asia”

Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging, Uses Son as Counterweight

In Khagrachari, Bangladesh, a young woman committed suicide by hanging herself, and while she was at it, hanged her little son so she’d have a dead weight to act as counterweight. Woman’s brother-in-law overheard the child’s screams and ran to the house to find out what was going on. But found the door locked. So … Continue reading “Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging, Uses Son as Counterweight”