Chris Dorner vs Police Shootout Video

I thought Chris Dorner would have gone to Mexico after the release of his manifesto and the first wave of justice issued upon the evil doers and their kin. There was no future for him in the USA anymore and with today’s technology, it was only a question of time for the ZOG enforcers to … Continue reading “Chris Dorner vs Police Shootout Video”

Open Post #22 – Siding with Gun Snackbarists

In the wake of the recent events from California whereas a cop had lost his job for standing up to the corrupt higher power and turned to violence to get justice, I would like to express than I fully understand and support Christopher Jordan Dorner in what he’s doing. I know exactly what it feels … Continue reading “Open Post #22 – Siding with Gun Snackbarists”

Car of Women Shot at by LAPD During Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

During their manhunt for alleged cop killer Christopher Jordan Dorner, police in Los Angeles shot at two elderly, unarmed Asian women who were delivering newspapers. Picture above shows what their truck looked like after it was riddled with bullets by trigger happy cops who did not care to see who was inside the truck, nor … Continue reading “Car of Women Shot at by LAPD During Manhunt for Christopher Dorner”

Manifesto of Former LAPD Officer Christopher Jordan Dorner

Former LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner released a manifesto in which he states how corrupt the LAPD is and how they ruined his professional and personal life. Christopher Jordan Dorner is not accused of shooting 3 police officers dead and wounding additional two. A manhunt for him is underway although so far the manhunt only … Continue reading “Manifesto of Former LAPD Officer Christopher Jordan Dorner”