Multiple Young Men Subjected to Genital Mutilation in Africa

The absolute barbarity of genital mutilation, in particular male genital mutilation as that affects far more people than female genital mutilation, has been thoroughly covered on the pages of Best Gore. Still, seeing all these young men be forced by peer pressure to have their penises mutilated never gets easier. Video below is from Africa. … Continue reading “Multiple Young Men Subjected to Genital Mutilation in Africa”

Unspeakable Barbarity of Male Genital Mutilation

We’ve seen a bunch of videos depicting the unspeakable savagery of male genital mutilation, but this video seems to hit the nail right on the head in demonstrating just how truly barbaric the practice is. Watch the video to have your eyes opened both to the trauma inflicted on the child, but also on you … Continue reading “Unspeakable Barbarity of Male Genital Mutilation”

Barbaric Circumcision of Young Males in Africa

It is utterly shocking and disgusting at the same time that the barbaric practice of sexual mutilation that hides under the inconspicuous label of “circumcision” is still practiced despite it being in the 21st century. This medieval savagery should have no place in civilized societies. Best Gore member @african-angel explains: Get a glimpse of uncivilized … Continue reading “Barbaric Circumcision of Young Males in Africa”

Man from Kenya Gets Circumcised with Knife the Traditional Way

This video depicts a man from Western Kenya getting circumcised with a knife the traditional way. Despite using no anesthesia, the man takes it like a boss as his foreskin is cut off. I find it difficult to even call this a circumcision. They literally skinned his dick along 60% of the shaft. End genital … Continue reading “Man from Kenya Gets Circumcised with Knife the Traditional Way”

Penile Adhesion Photo

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Ollie Only, who had been circumcised and skin on his penis adhered to the glans of the penis, forming what’s known as penile adhesion. In his own words: This here is my penile skin adhesion. It’s very uncommon and I … Continue reading “Penile Adhesion Photo”

Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa

Who said men have it easy? The following is part of a documentary showcasing the brutal circumcision rituals of an unknown African tribe. Interesting to note is that these practices predate the seemingly mandatory circumcisions of the modern Western era. The practice is carried out with no anesthesia and any, no matter how old, who … Continue reading “Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa”

Surgical Circumcision of Young Boy in Malaysia

As a member of the species that practise and encourage en masse mutilation of sexual organs of boys, I feel ashamed. Where do we get the nerve to call ourselves civilized when this barbarity is a daily occurrence. Millions of boys are stuck living for the rest of their lives with mutilated genitalia because of … Continue reading “Surgical Circumcision of Young Boy in Malaysia”

Barbarism of Infant Circumcision

If there are any aliens observing the activities of people on Earth, they must be thinking to themselves – humans evolved quite a lot in many areas. Their technology is pretty advanced, medical sciences ditto, they’re even exploring far away parts of the universe, but man… in spite of how far they’ve got as a … Continue reading “Barbarism of Infant Circumcision”

Female Circumcision Pictures

After documentaries about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt and ceremonial Female Circumcision in Kenya, here are some pictures of circumcised female genitalia. What does it say about mankind when genital mutilation of both males and females is still an every day occurrence. You’d think we’d evolve enough to leave the barbaric practise behind, but it’s … Continue reading “Female Circumcision Pictures”

Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – Documentary

To expand on the recently posted documentary about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt, here’s a documentary about the same practise in the birthplace of the US president – Kenya. It’s an excerpt from a documentary titled The Cut and focuses on a community called Pokot in Kenya. In the community, female genital mutilation is a … Continue reading “Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – Documentary”