12 Year Old Gabriel Kuhn Killed Over Tibia MMORPG Money (brutal pics)

12 Year Old Gabriel Kuhn Killed Over Tibia MMORPG Money (brutal pics)

This is one of the most messed up gore stories ever. 12 year old Gabriel Kuhn was friends with 16 year old Daniel Petry. Both were fans of MMORPG computer game called Tibia. Gabriel Kuhn wanted to progress in his game but he was short on game money so he asked his buddy Daniel Petry if he could borrow 20,000 Tibia money from his account. Daniel transferred requested funds to Gabriel’s account but wanted it back later on. This is where it gets pretty messed up.

Gabriel Kuhn failed to transfer the Tibia funds back to Daniel Petry’s account and that got Daniel upset so much, he stormed Gabriel’s house and killed his friend by strangling him to death. He wanted to hide the body in the attic, but being 1,8 meters above ground, this wasn’t an easy task. Determined to conceal the murder, Daniel took a knife and a hacksaw and sawed Gabriel’s legs off to make him weigh less. But then… Gabe’s mom returned back home to find her 12 year old son dead and with legs cut off.

Here’s the best part. The names don’t really make the location of this horrific killing clear, and I have purposefully left it for the end. The names truly don’t sound Portuguese enough, but it did happen in good old Brazil. Where fucking else. Killing is a way of life in Brazil. People seem to live to kill down there. And that doesn’t exclude kids in any way, shape or form.

Velha Central where the killing took place is a town not far from Blumenau in Medio Vale, Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil. Further investigation into the killing by the police revealed that Daniel Petry also sodomized Gabriel Kuhn after killing. The biggest irony lies in the fact that Tibia, the name of the game over which the killing took place is also the name of the bone Daniel Petry sawed off in his attempt to make Gabriel Kuhn lighter.

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