Man Left Unrecognizable After Accident


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A man and his motorcycle were reduced to mere pulp after being struck by a car in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Looks like the impact from the Audi sent the biker careening into another car hard enough to destroy … Continue reading

Abducted Normalista Found Dead with Face Skinned in Guerrero, Mexico


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This is the faceless body of Julio César Mondragón, one of four dozen normalistas (student teachers) abducted from Iguala, state of Guerrero, Mexico. As many of you know, Guerrero is also the location of the most dangerous city in Mexico … Continue reading

Thai Falls and Hits His Head, Drowns


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A Thai floater was found by a fisherman on the edge of a drainage canal. Police at the scene found enough evidence to suggest that the man was drunk and had slipped and hit his head, thus knocking him unconscious … Continue reading

Decapitation and Stabbing Deaths in Brazilian Prison


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Beheadings, stabbings and other means of murder are a common occurrence in Brazilian prisons. You may recall the pictures of prison riot in Pedrinhas which left 14 inmates dead. Or these beheadings of rival gang members in the same prison … Continue reading

Boko Haram Members Killed by Nigerian Troops at Konduga


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A battle has been waged over the last few days at Konduga town in Borno state in Nigeria, Africa between Nigerian soldiers and the deadly Boko Harma group. That name should sound familiar as the work of this radical Islamic … Continue reading

Asian Woman in a Morgue


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Happy Sunday/Monday everyone. I have here some very high quality images of an Asian woman laying on an autopsy table and then an image of her once the procedure had started with her sternum removed and her lungs and and … Continue reading

The SAA Liberates the City of Adra


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I have good news from the War in Syria. Our friend Syrian_Boy is still alive and well and has sent us some photos of a very recent victory in the Damascus countryside. They depict the slaughter of terrorist rats who … Continue reading

IS Slaughtered by Peshmerga in Iraq


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Many of you may not be aware of this particular group, but Peshmerga (confronting death) are the Kurdish fighting force for the Kurdish Regional Government or KRG, defending Kurdish territory of Northern Iraq. The name is also used by the … Continue reading

Woman Kills Husband with Sledgehammer, Chops Him Up, Throws Pieces Into a Pit


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Here’s a case of some domestic violence Brazilian style. In Conceição das Alagoas, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil A 69 year old woman identified as Odette Maria, was apprehended on charges of murdering her husband. Suspicion arose when the victim’s … Continue reading

Man’s Face is Split Apart


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I know how much you guys love to sit back and watch your videos rather than point and click on still images, but the early days of gore were nothing but photo galleries. Without them, early gore sites would not … Continue reading