Brazilian Decapitates His Girlfriend with Fishing Knife After Argument


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Ah, true love is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Nothing compares to those first feelings of romantic kinship; the way your heart flutters every time you look into her eyes. The soft touch of her skin. Her infectious laugh. The … Continue reading

Brazilian Student Found Murdered and Possibly Raped


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Police are investigating the murder and possible rape of 20 year old biology student, Jennifer Aparecida da Silva, in the city of Ibirité, metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais. She was found by the uncle … Continue reading

Traffic Accident Victim Spills Blood on Street, Someone Steps In It Barefoot


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A girl died in a traffic accident, and spilled much (if not all) of her blood on the street. A distraught man, possibly someone who knew her, or was involved in the accident, is overheard crying throughout the video, and … Continue reading

Tragic Road Accident in Cambodia Decapitates Little Girl


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An accident between a truck and a car occurred in Oddor Meanchey’s Samrong district, Cambodia, on Friday, February 27th at around 9 a.m. local time. The exact cause of the accident is unknown but what is known is that the … Continue reading

Woman in Motorcycle Accident Does Killer Split in Caruaru


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This brutal accident occurred on February 6th, 2015, in Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. 19 year old Daiane Cristina and 29 year old Risoneide Alves were traveling by motorcycle on their way to work along Avenida Leão Dourado when they … Continue reading

Two Brazilian Teens and Their Two Friends are Murdered by Gang Member Boyfriends


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Girls always want to date bad asses, and more often then not, they pay the price for it before they can learn. This is such a tale. Ana Kelly Martins Cardoso, 19, Sinara Monteiro da Costa, 16, Rayane Kellry Silva, … Continue reading

Five Brazilian Teens Get Into a Car Wreck on BR-424 Highway, Only One Survives


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Five Brazilian teens, ranging in age from 17 to 19 years were driving in an Opel Corsa down the BR-424 highway back to Garanhuns, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, where they all lived. For reasons that are still unknown, the driver … Continue reading

8 Year Old Filipina Raped and Killed, Naked Body Dumped in Creek in Biñan, Laguna


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A young girl from the Philippines named April Erispe, was allegedly raped and her naked, dead body dumped in a creek in Barangay Zapote, Biñan, Laguna. According to local reports, she was only 8 year old. I don’t know if … Continue reading

13 Year Old Brazilian is Raped, Murdered and Dumped in a Stream


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Sad, cautionary tale right here. A 13 year old Brazilian from Cambira, State of Paraná, Brazil, left for the city of Apucarana, also in Paraná, on Thursday, February 5th without informing any of her family where she was going. On … Continue reading

Woman in Thailand Loses Her Brains in Motorcycle Accident


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A Thai woman who was apparently involved in a motorcycle accident didn’t fare too well when her head ended up cracked on the asphalt. Whether she was the one riding or was passenger on the back is unknown but a … Continue reading