Man Shows His Penis to Girls – Gets It Cut Off


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Get this one. A homeless man known as “feijão com arroz – beans with rice” was brutally lynched and had his penis cut off in the village Vila Vargas de Teixeira Freitas in Bahia – Brazil, on the 28th of … Continue reading

Bum Beaten to Death with Iron Bar While Sleeping


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The best thing about these photos – flip flop tan lines. Pure hawtness right there. 40 year old bum was found in the pool of blood in front of Antonio Auto Center in Vila Canaã, rural Caruaru, Brazil in the … Continue reading

Smoke Rises Out of Mouth of Homeless Man Burned by Mexican Youth for Fun


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I honestly can’t say for sure whether these photos were doctored or not. In all honestly, the smoke coming out of this poor man’s mouth doesn’t strike me as real. It both looks photoshopped and sounds unlikely, but this is … Continue reading

Homeless Guy Froze to Death

Homeless Guy Froze to Death

Judging by labels on beer bottle and the apartment building in the background, this took place somewhere in Russia. Old man probably had a bit of Vodka, passed out outside in the middle of winter and froze to death. I’m being told this was a homeless guy. I wonder where homeless guys go to sleep in winter months. It’s a no issue down south, but if you live in Northern Russia, winters get pretty cold and if you pass out unconscious, you’re not getting up. Hopefully he passed out so badly he never woke up. It would suck if you sobered up while you’re half frozen. You’re too stiff to get up and seek help, yet fully conscious. You’d be shivering there helpless waiting until cold takes you over entirely. Death by freezing must be slow, painful and tormenting.

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