Old Man Clubbed to Death by Son in Law

On the morning of Wednesday – May 25, 2016, in the neighborhood Vila Nova in Altinho, Agreste of Pernambuco, Brazil, a 71 year old man sporting a da Silva last name was clubbed to death. According to information from the Civil Police, the victim’s son in law, also sporting a da Silva last name, committed … Continue reading “Old Man Clubbed to Death by Son in Law”

Old Lady Run Over and Dismembered by Train in Thailand

In Kanchanaburi, Thailand, a 77 year old lady was run over and killed by a train. Her dismembered body landed between the tracks, her severed leg a bit of distance away. Thai language is traditionally difficult to translate, and here is what I had to work with: Down! The old nun was walking across the … Continue reading “Old Lady Run Over and Dismembered by Train in Thailand”

Robbers Shot During Getaway in Belém, Brazil

I don’t have much in the way of info on this one but two robbers were killed by Police and another seriously injured im Belém, state of Para, Brazil. One of the robber, a really young-looking guy, got shot in the chest and stomach and another was shot down while still inside the vehicle. The … Continue reading “Robbers Shot During Getaway in Belém, Brazil”

Mangled and Decapitated Body Recovered from Rough Seas

In a Middle Eastern country, a group of men pulled off a dangerous recovery of a corpse from rough seas. The corpse was mangled and decapitated. The sea was beating down on those sharp rocks heavily – at any time a wave could have swept any of the guys into the sea, or mangle him … Continue reading “Mangled and Decapitated Body Recovered from Rough Seas”

Old Man Assassinated in Revenge Hit

On the night of Wednesday, April 27th, 2016, a 64-year old man was gunned down while he sat outside his house in rural Ouricuri, Pernambuco, Brazil. The victim was identified as Ademir Eduardo da Silva and witnesses report that three men arrived in a silver car and shot him until his head exploded, then fled. … Continue reading “Old Man Assassinated in Revenge Hit”

Thai Man Shot in the Head While Sitting in Truck

From Yala District, Southern Thailand. A man was found shot to death in the cab of his truck. Not a whole lot more in the way of info. But it comes with a pretty funny translation: 25th May.. Scene of firearms. The death toll in the accident number two funeral scene on the road in. … Continue reading “Thai Man Shot in the Head While Sitting in Truck”

Stabbed Brazilian Man Dies Surrounded by Sea of Flip Flops

Video from Brazil shows a young man lying lifeless on the ground after he’d been stabbed to death. His death gave the whole neighboring community an opportunity to gather round and socialize. Whether aware of it or not, the victim died surrounded by a sea of flip flops. All kinds of shapes and colors could … Continue reading “Stabbed Brazilian Man Dies Surrounded by Sea of Flip Flops”

Bus Driver Fatally Shot by Passenger in Choloma, Honduras

In Choloma, Honduras, an employee of Tikamaya Express was shot dead by a passenger while servicing the route between Choloma and San Pedro Sula. Who the attacker was, or why he shot the bus driver is unknown. The video shows the driver still alive behind the wheel, but in rough shape, with blood oozing bountifully … Continue reading “Bus Driver Fatally Shot by Passenger in Choloma, Honduras”

Brazilian Rapist Killed by Victim’s Father

On Tuesday, April 12th, in rural Caruaru, a 44-year-old man identified as Cícero Amaro da Silva, aka “Gabon”, attempted to rob a 47-year-old woman as she was waiting at a bus stop. Gabon had a cloth on his head and was wielding a knife. The victim had only R$200 (about $57.18 US), which wasn’t enough … Continue reading “Brazilian Rapist Killed by Victim’s Father”

Thai Bloater in a Sack

So I come on to Best Gore earlier today and what do I see? A corn cob coming out of an asshole. Thanks, @ate. Well, I don’t really have a way to beat that, but I do so happen to have in possesion another bloater. This time courtesy of Thailand. A man was pulled from … Continue reading “Thai Bloater in a Sack”