Turkish Soldiers Pose with Bodies of Kurdish PKK and Post on Facebook


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Some of the images you are about to see date back to 2006/2007 but the controversy surrounding them is not that the Kurdish rebels (you can tell by their scarves and other traditional garments) in Turkey had been eliminated by … Continue reading

23 Year Old Ex-Con Beaten to Death with Shovel in Caruaru, Brazil


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Got a da Silva here for you. Remember them? This is…or was, 23 year old Weidenis Adeildo da Silva, aka also known as “Weide” and “Sorriso” (“Smile”). Mr. da Silva here was an ex-con who had already served time for … Continue reading

Accident Between Bike and Car in India Rips a Man’s Arm Off


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This fatal accident occurred between Thiruvannamalai and Chennai, India. A motorcycle and a car collided, sending the biker into the windshield and in the process, severing his arm. He also suffered other injuries to his leg. No helmet and no … Continue reading

Canadian Goes Sky Diving Off a Marriott Hotel in Bangkok


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Well, well, well, yet another foreigner has somehow managed to plunge to his death while visiting the Land of Smiles. This time a Canadian. Obviously, the official Thai ruling is “suicide” but one can never be too sure when in … Continue reading

Boko Haram Release ISIS-Style Video from Maidaguri, Nigeria


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As was recently expressed by the president of Sudan, both Boko Haram and the Islamic State are the creation of CIA/Mossad. The same fact was later acknowledged by such individuals as former General of the US Army – Wesley Clark. … Continue reading

Five Brazilian Teens Get Into a Car Wreck on BR-424 Highway, Only One Survives


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Five Brazilian teens, ranging in age from 17 to 19 years were driving in an Opel Corsa down the BR-424 highway back to Garanhuns, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, where they all lived. For reasons that are still unknown, the driver … Continue reading

Woman in Thailand Loses Her Brains in Motorcycle Accident


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A Thai woman who was apparently involved in a motorcycle accident didn’t fare too well when her head ended up cracked on the asphalt. Whether she was the one riding or was passenger on the back is unknown but a … Continue reading

Motorcyclist Crashes Head-On with Pickup Truck During La Caravana del Zorro in Guatemala


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La Caravana del Zorro is an annual event held in February in Guatemala, which involves a 222 kilometer long trip from the capital of Guatemala City, to the Basilica of Esquipulas in the department of Chiquimula. Traditionally, the peregrination used … Continue reading

Man Gunned Down at a Fair in Caruaru, Brazil


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A 32 year old man identified as José Cícero de Melo was gunned down at a fair in Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil after being chased there by two men on a motorcycle. Classic Brazilian Death Duo. he was shot … Continue reading

Many Civilians Killed in Airstrikes in Tal Afar, Iraq


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I have here images released from ISIS which show the devastating results of air strikes in Tal Afar, Iraq. The source claims that the attack was carried out by American forces but I don’t have enough information to make that … Continue reading