Two Thai Women Shot Dead in Marketplace


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This brutal and seemingly senseless murder took place in Yala District, Thailand. Yala is writhe with Islamic Extremist Insurgency but the two women in question seem to have been specifically targeted rather than the uncoordinated, free-for-all of bullets that radicals … Continue reading

Creepy, Elderly Thai Stabbed in Neck, Bleeds Out in His Own Home


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A 68 year old Thai man was found in his home stabbed at least once in the neck, causing him to bleed out. There were also defensive wounds found on his hands. Other than that, I don’t have any more … Continue reading

Brazilian Farmer Drowns in the Local Watering Hole


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We are all familiar with the term, “watering hole”. Generations of men and women have come to their local watering hole after work to drown in their sorrows, numbing their brains with various liquors and brews. But, in some areas … Continue reading

81 Year Old Da Silva Hit by Motorcycle and Killed While Crossing Street


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Kind of a shitty death here, ladies and gentlemen. An 81 year old woman by the name of Celestina Maria da Silva was crossing a street in the Salgado neighborhood of Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, when she was struck … Continue reading

Thai Masseuse Hangs Herself After Fight with Ex-Boyfriend


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A 33 year old That masseuse (legit, I’m sure) got into a public confrontation with her ex boyfriend which resulted in the woman then going home and hanging herself with a cord. She left a note where she mainly apologized … Continue reading

Dos Santos Stabbed to Death, Knife Buried in His Stomach


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A Dos Santos was murdered in the city of Lajedo, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. 30 year old Dorgival Barbosa Dos Santos, a farmer, was still alive but in the process of dying when he was discovered but was unable to … Continue reading

Thai Monk Hanged Himself and Turned Bloater


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You know, every once in a while, a bloater comes along that is so disgusting, so awesomely vile that it leaves an indelible impression on the mind. I feel that this is one such bloater. A 25 year old Thai … Continue reading

ISIS Hang Bodies of Soldiers After Parading Them Through the Streets of Hawija, Iraq


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This comes from Al-Hawija District in province of Kirkuk, Iraq. ISIS achieved victory over Kurds then proceed to parade the bodies of the fallen soldiers through the center of town. Notable is the children not only watching the event, but … Continue reading

Professor of Philosophy Gets Her Head Crushed in Motorcycle Accident in Brazil


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Tragic accident from Brazil. On February 19th, 2015, 49 year old professor of philosophy at a private school, Maria Nelia Victory Lima was on her motorcycle attempting to overtake a car when she fell off for an as of yet … Continue reading

Terror, Blood and Death of Christians – Early Years of Boko Haram


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If you still aren’t sure about Boko Haram and the terror they are responsible for spreading, you might be interested in this short documentary by the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans covering the extreme violence of the early years of the … Continue reading