Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller

33 year old Ivaldo Alves de Barros Filho (Ivaldinho), of Nova Xavantina in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, was helping in the maintenance of the spray nozzles of agricultural aircraft in Fazenda Nova Viana, when he apparently got too close to a spinning propeller and never heard the rest of it. The propeller struck … Continue reading “Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller”

Alleged Rapist Being Dismembered by Multiple Knives in Brazilian Prison

Brazilian prisons are notorious for brutal murders of inmates, in particular those accused of rape. The killing frenzy in this video is difficult to describe. Like starved dogs that got their first meal after a long time, inmates senselessly stab the long dead corpse like their lives depended on it. What People Searched For To … Continue reading “Alleged Rapist Being Dismembered by Multiple Knives in Brazilian Prison”

Body Royally Mangled and Decapitated After Being Run Over and Dragged

A 42 year old man was run over and dragged for about 50 meters on the BR-277 highway in Brazil. The victim’s wife, who was returning home from work, reported he called her and told her he was leaving the house by bicycle to pick her up from the bus station. But he never arrived. … Continue reading “Body Royally Mangled and Decapitated After Being Run Over and Dragged”

Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head

Just what the title says. No info on it whats so ever, and I’m not even gonna attempt to discern which particular faction of militant muslim this might be. Although it looks like more legit outfit to me. Anyone know that symbol on the uniform? Might not even matter, we’ve seen fake uniforms being used … Continue reading “Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head”

Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man

Saudi Arabia, the great ally of Israel and its puppet nations, continues to lead the world in the number of beheadings carried out in the name of its regime. Saudis are clearly scared that the dissent will spread and the Saudi royal family’s days of ruling by birthright will end. Video below shows one of … Continue reading “Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man”

African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims

Video from from undisclosed location, possibly West Africa, captures a young woman who has been captured, bound and beaten. She is then interrogated by men before being beheaded in an uncensored and effective manner by Muslims. The victim is accused of a heinous crime such as adultery or other such (Muslim) felony to warrant this … Continue reading “African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims”

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station

At a train station in India, a woman nervously walks up and down the platform. As a train approaches the station, she jumps in front of it, and lays her neck on the track. Most other commuter respond to the sound of decapitation by instinctively moving further away from the train, but the guy with … Continue reading “Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station”

Public Beheading of Three Men in Saudi Arabia

Video from Saudi Arabia shows an executioner wielding a sword publicly beheading three men kneeling down and blindfolded. The beheadings take place on the side of a road with active traffic. Despite its abysmal human rights record, the Kenyan recently OK’d a

Motorcyclist Decapitated After Crashing

The video depicts the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. I don’t have any background information, but the video shows the motorcyclist decapitated, with his head on one side of the road, and his body all the way on the other side of the median strip. There is also a vehicle on fire, … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Decapitated After Crashing”

Fatal Wreck in Thailand Results in Half Head Decapitation

Two vehicle crash in Yi-ngo District, Thailand left at least two people dead, one of whom had the top portion of their head separated from the rest and sent sailing into the grass. Wasn’t quite sure if it was a man or a woman at first, but it seems to have a man’s arm and … Continue reading “Fatal Wreck in Thailand Results in Half Head Decapitation”