Bloated Drowning Victim Comes to the Surface

This woman seems to have the same make up artist as this man. The photos show a corpse of a woman who drowned, and her body bloated up before resurfacing (probably resurfaced thanks to bloating). You can pretty much tell she drowned, because she’s wearing a poshy swimwear, a heart shaped pendant on a necklace, … Continue reading “Bloated Drowning Victim Comes to the Surface”

Murder Victim Tied Up, Weighted with Stones and Thrown Into Canal

In Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, a bloated corpse of a murder victim who had been tied up and weighted with stones was found in a water canal. While nowhere near as epic as translation from Thai, the butchery that is the translation from Khmer is well worth the read: Murder Chao! The victims … Continue reading “Murder Victim Tied Up, Weighted with Stones and Thrown Into Canal”

Bloater Covered with Palm Fronds Found Floating in River

A local villager found an unidentified corpse floating in the river in Minsel North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Initial investigation suggests the victim was murdered and then dumped in the river. The killers may have put palm fronds over his corpse to prevent early detection. Very puffy lips on that feller. Props to Best Gore member @Gorenesia … Continue reading “Bloater Covered with Palm Fronds Found Floating in River”

Thai Bloater in a Sack

So I come on to Best Gore earlier today and what do I see? A corn cob coming out of an asshole. Thanks, @ate. Well, I don’t really have a way to beat that, but I do so happen to have in possesion another bloater. This time courtesy of Thailand. A man was pulled from … Continue reading “Thai Bloater in a Sack”

Bloater Floater Pulled from Mekong River, Thailand

A floating bloater was pulled from the Mekong River, Barn Wern, Phon Phisai, Nong Khai province, Thailand. Identified as 46-year-old “Mr. Happy” from Nong Khai province. At around 9:00 pm. A man found floating water The Mekong River Pasha Wenzhou area home Sub. Chumphon A man named Mr. Happy net Larsen 46-year-old house at 242 … Continue reading “Bloater Floater Pulled from Mekong River, Thailand”

Badly Decomposed Body Found in Rural Surubim, Brazil

A badly decomposed body was found outside a rooster farm in rural Surubim, Brazil, this past Sunday. Authorities have been unable to identify the person as of yet, nor could they positively id the sex of the victim or the manner of death. Although, the body is speculated to have been there for a least … Continue reading “Badly Decomposed Body Found in Rural Surubim, Brazil”

The Caption This Photo Contest # 82

Mad props to Best Gore member, BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker, for finding this gem. Caption it if you can… Best Caption We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – Joe112358 Runners-up Fuck dental floss!… Do you gotta shoelace? – Gnat 4 out of 5 dentists recommend chewing trident gum…..with arsenic! – Hematochezia When you’re high on meth and craving … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest # 82”

Wrinkly Rotten Tattooed Thai Washes Up on Beach

Hey guys, we haven’t had a floater or a bloater in a little while, so I got you both rolled into one! Bloated corpse was left floating in the ocean for at least twenty days when finally washing ashore, looking like a chicken wearing a sumo thong. Stranded corpse! Head, limbs missing … dead for … Continue reading “Wrinkly Rotten Tattooed Thai Washes Up on Beach”

Thai First Responders Rescue a Bloater

Ah, my SOB’s, it’s been a while since we had a good old fashioned Thai bloater. And woe betide the one who would prevent me from doing my duty of vomiting forth another post for you. This man somehow managed to drown while taking a nice milk bath. Like a fly who has sunk in … Continue reading “Thai First Responders Rescue a Bloater”

Pretty, Young Cambodian Girl Commits Suicide

You know, just when I think I’ve seen the worst that death can do in terms of bloaters, I get another one that sends chills down my metal spine. A pretty young thing from Cambodia committed suicide by hanging and turned into one of the most macabre things I have ever seen. Look at the … Continue reading “Pretty, Young Cambodian Girl Commits Suicide”