Brazilian Trio Confess to Killing Nine Women and Baking Them Into Pies


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We have ourselves a Brazilian Sweeney Todd here, Ladies and Gentlemen. Those of you unfamiliar with the broadway musical may be aware of the Tim Burton interpretation. If you’re not familiar with either, let me break it down for you. … Continue reading

The Leftovers of War – Skeletonized Bodies on Iraqi Battlefields


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Continuing what appears to be a series on the land invasion of Iraq which kicked off in 2003. Most of the photos presented herein are from 2004. Today, I have a theme. Skeletons. Yes, this post is dedicated to skulls … Continue reading

Thai Died at a Scenic Location, Wasn’t Found for Several Days


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Someone made a pretty gruesome find here down by the water. A rotting Thai. What are the odds that you would find a bloated Thai down by the water in Thailand? I have nothing to go on in terms of … Continue reading

Thank You for Your Service – Gallery of US Invasion of Iraq, 2004


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Here I have US forces invading…I mean, occupying…I mean, helping Iraq in 2004. We see dead men who were fighting to defend their land and many of whom seem to have been the victim of Uncle Sam’s “Bomb first, ask … Continue reading

Woman Stuffed Inside a Cement Bag is Fished Out of a River in India


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Happy Fucking Turkey day to you Americans and whoever else does that made up shit. Now that I got that out of the way, what we got here is the body of a woman in Indian who was found stuffed … Continue reading

Brazilian Found Bound and Murdered, Massive Amounts of Flesh Peeling Off Hands and Feet


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48 year old Gersonildo Laurentino da Silva was found floating in a pond with his hands tied. Decomposition had already set in by the time he was discovered. Characteristic discoloration and bloating of the face and in particular, the tongue, … Continue reading

Decaying Body Found in a Home in Thailand


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A decaying body was found at a residence in Thailand. The report says he was there less than three days but from my experience I’d say that’s more than three days worth of decomposition. Jesus Christ, look at that swollen, … Continue reading

Body of Drowned Man Pulled from the Water in Thailand


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The body of a man estimated to have been dead for at least three days was discovered and pulled from the water by a group of Thai First Responders in a boat. The man’s death has been ruled as a … Continue reading

Malaysian Fishermen Bring in a Nasty Catch


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Avast, ye mateys! This is Captain Obli of the SS Gore presenting you with the catch of the day! So let me ask you something, me hearty; how do you wash down the taste of one nasty, bloated floater? Why, … Continue reading

Rotting Corpse Sunbathing in the Land of Smiles


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Greetings friends. I have a Bloated, partially decomposed Thai to share with you. How many dead Thais and foreigners have we seen rotting on the beach? More than a couple, I’d say. However, it’s usually a question as to what … Continue reading