Corpse of Woman Washes Up on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Thailand


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This post contains two videos of two separate corpses that washed up on the shores of Thailand in two separate locations. The screenshot is from the second video. First video is from earlier this morning (May 20th, 2015). A female … Continue reading

Nightmarish Bloated Female in Bed


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How would you like to roll over in bed and come face to face with this shit? I’d probably never sleep again. No real info on the dead woman other than it happened in “District 6″, take that as you … Continue reading

Bloated Floater Complete with Hideously Swollen Tongue and Death Boner


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Nothing in the way of background info on this guy but he was found floating in a river and when he made it back to dry land, he has suffered what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the abdomen. … Continue reading

Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies


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Phew! Another stinker fresh from the waters of South East Asia. You’d think Thais would have evolved gills by now as close as they are to the water. Although, looking at the one pic, this chap appears to have suffered … Continue reading

Fetid Female Floater Found in Yala, Thailand


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Yala is all the rage this month. First with insurgent violence and now, with a fetid female floater pulled from the Pattani river. Green and bug-eyed as only Mother Nature can make. The woman is believed to have been dead … Continue reading

Corpse of Man Undiscovered for Two Months


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A man who lived alone died from what are being considered natural causes at this point. He was not found for nearly two months and he had wasted away to mostly skeleton and fermenting rot. Even some of the Thais … Continue reading

Beautiful Artwork of Undead Women


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Since nobody gave a shit about my proposed art contest, I’ve decided to bring the art to you. These are some really well-done zombified women, some of whom are of the Asian persuasion and I just thought they looked cool. … Continue reading

Body in Advanced State of Decomposition Removed from Cistern in Caruaru


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A foul odor was detected from an old cistern in Caruaru, Brazil on the morning of April 28th. The man who’s property it was on, called the Military Police as he could either see the body through the hole in … Continue reading

Putrid, Empty Corpse Hanged from Tree in Thailand


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So, what comes after the most disgusting process known to man? Deflation, of course. The rotting insides shrivel and collapse and spill leaving only the darkened skin hanging off the skeleton like a leathery cloak. I have no info on … Continue reading

3 Day Old Thai Bloater Found in Room


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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of the decomposition process. And while many of the processes remain the same in every individual, each and every death is still unique. The circumstances of this man’s death are … Continue reading