Thai Goes for a Swim, Has to be Fished Out


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You know, it’s really a shame when a corpse can’t go swimming without some goody-two-shoes coming to take it upon themselves to say “time’s up!” and just hoist him out like a limp dick. I have no idea what happened … Continue reading

Skeleton Found in the Woods Near a School in Thailand


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A decomposed body was found in a wooded area near a school in Thailand. So far, no cause of death has been determined. The gender or the identity had not been identified either nor was any form of id or … Continue reading

75 Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, Victims of the Islamic State


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Locals of Deir ez-Zor, Syria located a mass grave in the eastern province, uncovering at least 75 bodies from the shallow pit. Residents were alerted to the area due to the foul smells coming in on the breeze. Most of … Continue reading

Thai Man Apparently Chokes to Death on His Rice Dinner


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Christ, a man can’t even sit down to his dinner without risk of Death sticking her bony nose in his business. Older man here was enjoying his rice dinner when he choked on the meal and did a nice faceplant, … Continue reading

The Caption This Photo Contest #77


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For those of you who have managed to work off your holiday hangover, caption this photo if you can… What People Searched For To Land Here:best gore pictures of absencesgay thief fucks business man by surpriseTheef fuck photo gallary

Headless Corpse Vacationing on a Beautiful Beach in Thailand


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Isn’t that just the perfect Thai post card right there? A headless body was found chilling on a beautiful stretch of beach on Thailand. Found by people out for a stroll. I wonder how many times corpse are mistaken for … Continue reading

Brazilian Trio Confess to Killing Nine Women and Baking Them Into Pies


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We have ourselves a Brazilian Sweeney Todd here, Ladies and Gentlemen. Those of you unfamiliar with the broadway musical may be aware of the Tim Burton interpretation. If you’re not familiar with either, let me break it down for you. … Continue reading

The Leftovers of War – Skeletonized Bodies on Iraqi Battlefields


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Continuing what appears to be a series on the land invasion of Iraq which kicked off in 2003. Most of the photos presented herein are from 2004. Today, I have a theme. Skeletons. Yes, this post is dedicated to skulls … Continue reading

Thai Died at a Scenic Location, Wasn’t Found for Several Days


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Someone made a pretty gruesome find here down by the water. A rotting Thai. What are the odds that you would find a bloated Thai down by the water in Thailand? I have nothing to go on in terms of … Continue reading

Thank You for Your Service – Gallery of US Invasion of Iraq, 2004


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Here I have US forces invading…I mean, occupying…I mean, helping Iraq in 2004. We see dead men who were fighting to defend their land and many of whom seem to have been the victim of Uncle Sam’s “Bomb first, ask … Continue reading