Da Silva Mutilated by Machete in Rural Caruaru, Brazil


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The Da Silvas are making a strong come back here, folks. Dos Santos are slacking, they started off the year strong but now Da Silvas are pushing forward, showing that they are indeed, the grand champions of Death. On March … Continue reading

23 Year Old Ex-Con Beaten to Death with Shovel in Caruaru, Brazil


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Got a da Silva here for you. Remember them? This is…or was, 23 year old Weidenis Adeildo da Silva, aka also known as “Weide” and “Sorriso” (“Smile”). Mr. da Silva here was an ex-con who had already served time for … Continue reading

Man Stands Calm Despite Severe Machete Wounds


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A video from Itápolis, a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil shows a man severely wounded after a machete attack. His left forearm is slashed broken, and he has deep gashes in the neck and over the … Continue reading

High School Ice Hockey Player Learns How Sharp Ice Skates Really Are


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Ice Hockey player Sawyer ‘Snap’ Napoli, a Defenseman from South Middletown High School in Middletown, state of New Jersey, USA made a save during a game and learned first hand just how sharp ice skates really are when he slid … Continue reading

Man Accused of Killing His Neighbor’s Cat is Hacked Up with Machete


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33 year old Linaldo Passion Santos was murdered by his neighbor, one Valdinei Rodrigues dos Santos after the latter’s wife accused Linaldo of killing their cat. The feline had been outside at the same time as Linaldo but how that … Continue reading

Stabbing Victim Washes Ashore in Thailand


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Phuket, Thailand. Nice, scenic place aside from having the waters having a penchant for vomiting forth the decomposing remains of locals and foreigner alike. This time, a body bearing stab wounds. Looks like the murder weapon was found nearby, although … Continue reading

Best Gore Member Shares His Bloodshed Coping Abilities


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Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member kjs54981. He sent me these images saying that this is how he copes with stress and depression. You know, when I saw his submission, with … Continue reading

Man Slowly Bayoneted to Death in Syria


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Video from Syria shows a man getting slowly bayoneted to death by a person in military clothing. The victim is repeatedly stabbed with the bayonet mounted on a rifle in the head and neck. I’m surprised he lived through multiple … Continue reading

Man Severely Bludgeoned and Hacked to Death by Machete


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This gruesome murder happened in Bairro do Joao Paulo, state of Maranhao, Brazil. An unidentified man was brutally bludgeoned and hacked to death by machete. The attacker showed him no mercy and slashed him all over, critically damaging different parts … Continue reading

Young Woman is Found Raped and Decapitated in Magaji Province, Nigeria


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A young woman was found decapitated in Magaji Prrovince, Nigeria. Aside from the brutal murder, the woman also shows signs of having been sexually assaulted and according to investigators their is evidence to suggest it was a gang rape. The … Continue reading