Yaakov Alperon Death Pictures – Israeli Mob Boss Car Bomb Killing

Yaakov Alperon - Mafia Boss from Israel Assassination by Car Bomb Photo

Yaakov Alperon was a reputed boss of Israeli mafia-style mob known to be the third largest in Israel’s capital city Tel Aviv. Also known as Don Alperon, Yaakov Alperon was listed by the Jewish newspaper Haaretz as one of Israel’s most prominent bosses in country’s underground operating organized crime. He was killed on November 17, 2008 in a car bomb attack while he was driving a rental car (that’s probably why it was so ugly white) on his way home from a court hearing.

The bomb which killed Yaakov Alperon appeared to have been remotely triggered and exploded while he was driving down Tel Aviv’s busy intersection of Namir Road and Yehuda HaMaccabi Street near Pinkas Street. The explosion injured three bystanders, including an elderly man and a 13 year old boy waiting at a bus stop. Yaakov Alperon had reportedly died instantly after the explosion. The authorities suspect the assassination being gang related.

Israeli underworld has been steadily growing more and more violent and the death of Yaakov Alperon threatens to unleash an all-out gang war among crime families. This is concerning civilians because mobsters don’t concern themselves with civilian casualties when executing their killings against competing gangs.

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