Have You Spent Whole Day Fucking?

Are there any doomsday believers among the S.O.B’s? Much have been said about the end of the world and how December 21, 2012 is going to be it, but I’m already a few hours into the day and so far no sign of anything weird happening. I’m curious though – has anyone spent the whole … Continue reading “Have You Spent Whole Day Fucking?”

We All Die Exactly One Year From Today

Finally something I can look forward to 😀 Make a mental note not to buy Christmas presents early next year. And if anyone wants to get rid of their life savings before doomsday strikes, I’ll be glad to forward my bank account info to you. What People Searched For To Land Here:yhs-geneiotransferbetgore comHEAD TRAUMA PHOTOSmassive … Continue reading “We All Die Exactly One Year From Today”