Partially Skeletonized Bloater Washed Up on a Beach in Thailand


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The badly decomposed body of a man washed up on a beach in, where else, Thailand. From what I can gather, he was adrift for approximately fifteen days before coming ashore. Despite the extreme bloating, the majority of the body … Continue reading

Bloated Corpse Fished Out of the Water in Thailand – Epic Pointers


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Hello, fellow Gorians. Let me preface this post by saying that I have seen some pointers in my time here but this is easily one of the top five most epic on the site. Look at it. That one photo … Continue reading

Disfigured and Stabbed Corpse Found in River


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When I was a kid I loved to go fishing with my dad. Here in Lagos (Algarve) there is an abundance of sea life. I remember catching eels, sardines, mackerels and plenty of other fish. My dad even caught sharks … Continue reading

Two Men Drowned and Got Half Their Skulls Exposed


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I have little background information on these photos, since they were sent to me by a Brazilian friend and all he knew was that that the victims were two middle aged men who went for a swim, somewhere in Brazil, … Continue reading

Bag Thief Drowns After Falling Into Sewage Canal


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Body of a man was found floating in the black water drain known as Gran Canal de Desagüe, between the colonies of Jardines de Casa Nueva and Prados de Santa Clara in Ecatepec, Estado de México. The deceased was a … Continue reading

Nine Teenagers Accidentally Drowned in North Sulawesi, Indonesia


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Based on the info I got with the video, eight teenagers drowned in Tondano, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia but news reports published the day after the tragic incident reported nine overall casualties. So I’m sticking with the latest figure. … Continue reading

Young Thai Girl Raped, Killed and Dumped in Lake Full of Algae


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Damn… you don’t see that often – a Thai girl who’s actually cute. It’s a shame some useless Thai fuck had to defile her beauty and kill her to boot. They don’t know what exactly happened but preliminary examination suggest … Continue reading

Drunk Mexican Man Goes for a Swim in a Dam and Drowns


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Young Mexican man went for a swim in a dam while under the influence of alcohol and drowned. It happened in Tapachula, state of Chiapas which is rather odd cause normally when someone dies in Chiapas, they were hacked with … Continue reading

Bloated Woman Fished Out of a River


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I don’t have any background info whatsoever on these photos. By the looks of it, a bloated corpse of a middleaged woman was pulled out of a river. Outer layer of her skin started to peel off and her face … Continue reading