Turkish Fishermen Recover Body of Syrian Child From Mediterranean Sea


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Remember the perfect trifecta I told you about, whereby by attacking Syria and surrounding countries, Israel destabilized the region, fueled the rise of ISIS, and flooded Europe with immigrants? Now there are reports of the opposite trifecta, thanks to Russia’s … Continue reading

Thai First Responders Rescue a Bloater


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Ah, my SOB’s, it’s been a while since we had a good old fashioned Thai bloater. And woe betide the one who would prevent me from doing my duty of vomiting forth another post for you. This man somehow managed … Continue reading

Corpse of Woman Washes Up on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Thailand


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This post contains two videos of two separate corpses that washed up on the shores of Thailand in two separate locations. The screenshot is from the second video. First video is from earlier this morning (May 20th, 2015). A female … Continue reading

Thais Fish Out Fresh Female Floater Before She Turns Bloater


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Fuck them fish sticks! We got some fresh-caught Thai floater just for you! Today’s special is an older female Thai who was discovered floating pretty far out in the water. Several groups got together on their little boats and managed … Continue reading

Fetid Female Floater Found in Yala, Thailand


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Yala is all the rage this month. First with insurgent violence and now, with a fetid female floater pulled from the Pattani river. Green and bug-eyed as only Mother Nature can make. The woman is believed to have been dead … Continue reading

Floater Pulled from Swimming Pool in Thailand


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A dead man, seemingly that of a tourist was found floating at the bottom of a swimming pool at the Hawaii Tower apartment complex in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s unknown if the man drowned due to drinking or drugs making him … Continue reading

Brazilian Farmer Drowns in the Local Watering Hole


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We are all familiar with the term, “watering hole”. Generations of men and women have come to their local watering hole after work to drown in their sorrows, numbing their brains with various liquors and brews. But, in some areas … Continue reading

86 Year Old Bloater Pulled from Canal in Thailand


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An 86 year old man was pulled from a canal in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand, in a discolored, bloated state. It has not been determined the exact cause of the man being in the canal, although it’s possible he may have … Continue reading

Drowned Brazilian Pulled from Lake in Caruaru, Brazil, Foaming at the Mouth


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28 year old Jailson Rogério Ferreira washed up on the shore of a lake in Caruaru, Brazil on Monday, February 2nd, foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. He hadn’t been seen since Sunday. According to Jailson’s father, his … Continue reading

6 Year Old Boy Allegedly Eaten by Piranha After Canoe Capsizes


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On January 7th, 6 year old Adrila Muniz was canoeing with his grandmother and some other children in the River Maicuru, in the municipality of Monte Alegre, Brazil, when the canoe hit a rock and capsized. Adrila’s grandmother attempted to … Continue reading