Drowned Brazilian Pulled from Lake in Caruaru, Brazil, Foaming at the Mouth


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28 year old Jailson Rogério Ferreira washed up on the shore of a lake in Caruaru, Brazil on Monday, February 2nd, foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. He hadn’t been seen since Sunday. According to Jailson’s father, his … Continue reading

6 Year Old Boy Allegedly Eaten by Piranha After Canoe Capsizes


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On January 7th, 6 year old Adrila Muniz was canoeing with his grandmother and some other children in the River Maicuru, in the municipality of Monte Alegre, Brazil, when the canoe hit a rock and capsized. Adrila’s grandmother attempted to … Continue reading

Indonesia AirAsia 8501 Plane Crash Victims Being Pulled from the Ocean


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I have photos here of some of the bodies recovered from Airasia flight 8501 which crashed into the Java sea on December 28th, 2014. Radio tower initially lost all communication with the plane and it seemingly disappeared. Two days later, … Continue reading

Badly Decomposed Body of Man in Blue Underwear Washes Up in Thailand


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Thailand has a lot of beaches. Thailand has a lot of death. Ergo, bodies appear on beaches quite a bit. I have no info on what actually happened to this man, whether accidental drowning or murdered and dump in the … Continue reading

Thai Goes for a Swim, Has to be Fished Out


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You know, it’s really a shame when a corpse can’t go swimming without some goody-two-shoes coming to take it upon themselves to say “time’s up!” and just hoist him out like a limp dick. I have no idea what happened … Continue reading

Remains of Child Devoured by Piranhas in the Amazon


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You have probably all heard how Piranhas feed. This is what it looks like after a feeding frenzy. Remains of a child apparently attacked and partially devoured by Piranhas was recovered from a river in the Amazon rainforest (probably not … Continue reading

Beach Goers Desperately Try to Revive Woman Drowned at Sea


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It is my understanding that this incident happened on the beach in Nagua, a town on the north coast of Dominican Republic. The video shows a group of local beach goers attempting to revive a lifeless body of a woman … Continue reading

Body of Drowned Man Pulled from the Water in Thailand


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The body of a man estimated to have been dead for at least three days was discovered and pulled from the water by a group of Thai First Responders in a boat. The man’s death has been ruled as a … Continue reading

Body Pulled from the Water in Thailand – More Laughing Thais


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A 57 year old man believed to have drowned was pulled from the water in Thailand. This time we have a whole gaggle of giggling Thais. The Asians have always been hardcore about death, so I guess we can excuse … Continue reading

Another Foreigner Dead on a Beach in Thailand


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October 21st a man, identified as a “foreigner” was found dead on a beach in Pattaya, Thailand. No apparent cause of death was found, and the Thai examiners determined that the man had drowned. Well, I doubt he was swimming … Continue reading