Beheading Executions In The Name of Allah (FULL VIDEO)

This is the full length video of beheading executions of two people in the middle of the street in the Middle East (multiple use of word “middle” not intentional) in the name of Allah. The video contains original news coverage in Arabic language. Fast forward to approximately 9.12 if you want to skip the news report and get straight down to beheadings. There are clips form the execution in the middle of the video too, but to see it in full, go to the end of the video as indicated above.

Unlike many other executions by beheading, these two decapitations did not take forever. It often seems as though the executioners were using butter knives to cut victims’ heads off. Beheading of Eugene Armstrong definitely seemed that way which only prolonged his suffering and death. While beheading are always an awful means of executions, at least the two people in this video had their heads cut off with proper, giant hunter knife.

The executioners cut the necks of the victims all around and finished the decapitation by axing though the spine with their knife detaching the head in a fairly fast time. Victims had their feet bound together so they couldn’t kick and their hands were tied behind their backs. Executioners laid them on their sides and cut into their throats. Blood immediately gushed out of their cut throats and poured down the street in a solid stream of thick, red color. The cameraman proudly chants “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar”. It’s all in the name of Allah.

From viewers standpoint, it is easier to watch these beheading executions than lets say above mentioned beheading of Eugene Armstrong or beheading of last conscript in Dagestan. The reason is sound. Hearing Eugene Armstrong scream in agony or Russian boy hiss as he’s desperately trying to grasp for air makes these beheadings much more difficult to watch. That terrifying sound sticks in your brain for much longer than images. If you could not do Eugene Armstrong, you may find these ones easier to watch. They are ruthless and savage never the less. Lots of blood is discharged from cut throats. Be warned of an extremely graphic nature of this video. Even though these are more human than most other beheadings, they are still straight up merciless executions by decapitation. Watch at your own risk.

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Eugene Armstrong Beheading and Death Video


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Very disturbing and graphic video of Eugene Armstrong getting executed by beheading. Eugene Armstrong was an American civil engineer in Iraq. Responsibility for beheading was claimed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his militant group. The video was originally posted on … Continue reading