Woman Exhumed from Grave Because Relatives Did Not Pay Rent for Tomb


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What the hell… Brazilians would not leave the dead rest in peace? This is one pretty disturbing video. Not so much by its content, but by the backstory. It was filmed at the cemetery in Itabaiana, a town located in … Continue reading

Exhumed Bodies Photos from Third World Countries

Exhumed Bodies Photos from Third World Countries

These photos are the answer to the puzzle you had in mind for so long – what do human bodies look like after they’ve been buried for a while. For reasons unknown, few corpses were dug out of their graves in the third world countries and this is what it looked like when caskets were cracked open. Can’t tell you how much it reeked of dead flesh, but it looks like as you keep rotting, your mouth get deformed and eaten by the maggots to a point it gives you a facial impression of LOLs.

Exhuming dead bodies from their graves must be hell of a job. You never know what you’re going to find when you open the casket but you know that whatever it is, it won’t be pretty. Surprise with every strike of the spade. Gallery is below:

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