Body of Dead Syrian Boy with Many Wounds

New video from Syria. Rebels maintain that the boy was captured by the president Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite soldiers who tortured the boy until death. As events in Libya from a few weeks ago proved, what rebels from areas with revolts sponsored by the CIA claim happened to the victims in the videos they release is … Continue reading “Body of Dead Syrian Boy with Many Wounds”

Youth Slashed Across Face with a Knife Pops an Eye

The nigh indestructible eye once again survived a nasty knife slash across face. The victim appears to be very young, but has some facial hair so I’m guessing he’s in his late teens. Surgeons did some pretty impressive stitch work on him but the scar will be significant. Pictures are available in high resolution.

Brutal Machete Attack in Brazil

Man identified as 32 year old Ademir de Jesus Santos originally from Wenceslau Guimarães, Brazil was found brutally hacked up with a machete near a farm in São José where he worked. The police investigation identified the attacker as Marcelo da Renovação who was employed by the same farm. The two lived on the farm’s … Continue reading “Brutal Machete Attack in Brazil”

Man Killed with Machete in Guerrero, Mexico

Bloody war between Mexican drug cartels for control of the market continues without a slow down. 953 narco related murders were recorded during the first half of 2011 in the state of Guerrero alone. The man in these pictures is one of them. He was found with his hands tied behind his back, feet tied … Continue reading “Man Killed with Machete in Guerrero, Mexico”

Brazilian Man Murdered with Machete

Alex has been known throughout the Monte Alegre region of the rural Gandu municipality in North-Eastern Brazil as a very aggressive man. Many locals found themselves beat up after Alex jumped them for no apparent reason. As seemingly unprovoked attacks kept happening, Alex’s violence kept growing until it finally escalated into murder. Few days ago, … Continue reading “Brazilian Man Murdered with Machete”

Russo-Japanese War Pictures

One of the lesser known pre World Wars military conflicts, the Russo-Japanese War was the first great war of the 20th century. Lasting from February 8, 1904 till September 5, 1905, the Russo-Japanese War was fought over Manchuria and Korea between the Russian and Japanese Empires. Russia forced China into an alliance and spread its … Continue reading “Russo-Japanese War Pictures”

Hard to Kill

Today’s Best Gore is brought to you by Nolan: Not sure what is behind this story but I can only assume someone decided to bring a knife to a fist fight. All I got to say is this guy has some heart and I couldn’t imagine the pain or shock he’s going through. But his … Continue reading “Hard to Kill”

Face with Hole in the Cheek

Video of some very bizarre facial wound that left the man with a hole in the cheek. You can see his tongue wiggling through the hole. Apparently the patient, who is Russian had some nasty stuff growing on his cheek so he kept tearing it off on his own. After some time of refusing to … Continue reading “Face with Hole in the Cheek”

Photo of Woman with Fatal Head Wounds

Bulging eyes are always the pop. This woman was allegedly murdered but that’s about all of the backstory I got. The source has no additional info on how or why she was murdered but it was the fatal head wounds that caused her death.

Ugly Facial Gash After Knife Attack at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The Rio de Janeiro carnival is not solely about ugly trannies with fake tits performing their “I’m being electrocuted” twitching to some truly awful music. Rio de Janeiro is, as you know, in Brazil so the carnival is also a showcase of violence that’s part of everyday life in the country. Gun wielding fanatics ready … Continue reading “Ugly Facial Gash After Knife Attack at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival”