Mutilated Female Body Found in Kupang City, Indonesia

Mutilated body of an unidentified female was found in Kupang City, on the island of Timor, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. All the authorities released on the case was that the victim was a woman aged 20 to 30 years. Her corpse was found on Friday July 13, 2012 but at the time she’d been … Continue reading “Mutilated Female Body Found in Kupang City, Indonesia”

Dissection of Vagina During Autopsy – Video

Look what I have for you today. Do you remember the post with photos of cut out vaginas? Well, here’s the video to go with it. The video is a 9 minutes long document of a pathologist performing a dissection of vagina during autopsy on a female corpse. Whole vulva, including womb and anus are … Continue reading “Dissection of Vagina During Autopsy – Video”

Aftermath of Live Dissection of a Woman in Unit 731, Japan

Japanese Unit 731 gained worldwide notoriety for being a laboratory and a research station in which the medical, biological and chemical experiments were often performed on live humans (mostly prisoners of war from China or Korea). Although inhumanely cruel, the experiments resulted in incredible discoveries that fast-forwarded our understanding of the human body. The price … Continue reading “Aftermath of Live Dissection of a Woman in Unit 731, Japan”

Young Girl Strangled by Jealous Boyfriend with Electrical Cord

This fine, young girl was strangled to death with an electric cord by her then boyfriend who got uncontrollably jealous after seeing her with another man. That’s a bit excessive for jealousy, but it is what it is. She must have been a good lay or otherwise good at something to make her boyfriend want … Continue reading “Young Girl Strangled by Jealous Boyfriend with Electrical Cord”

Doctor Has a Collection of Real Cut Out Vaginas from Dead Women

These photos are from the “what the actual fuck, I still haven’t seen it all?” series. It takes the bizarre to a whole new level. The set appears to show a pathologist cutting out a vagina from a body of a dead female for personal safekeeping. He has got to be a winner of the … Continue reading “Doctor Has a Collection of Real Cut Out Vaginas from Dead Women”

Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

It just plain sucks when your life reaches an end before you get a chance to try the finer things in life. It’s difficult to estimate an age of Chinese girls, but I’d say the girl in these pictures is in her early 20’s. Still a virgin with pretty, intact hymen, the girl never tasted … Continue reading “Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen”

The Caption This Photo Contest #6

I have to play the broken record again – the image is hyperlinked so a higher resolution version can be accessed. But do not post your captions on the attachment page, post it here on this main post page. Otherwise it will not be counted as “the best”. Your turn again – caption this photo … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #6”

Freaky Looking Post Mortem Photos of a Young Girl

I know, I know. These photos are gore classics that you all have probably seen but that was many years ago. Back then, these pictures reached the peak of their fame by being passed around in sneaky sounding emails. However, the new generation of gore fanboys may not have seen them and since they are … Continue reading “Freaky Looking Post Mortem Photos of a Young Girl”

Autopsy of Pregnant Woman – Warning! Disturbing Pictures of an Unborn Baby

Warning! This post contains disturbing pictures of an unborn baby. The woman who is being autopsied must have been in late stages of pregnancy as the unborn baby appears well defined. My guess is the cause of death was a gun shot to the woman’s neck. You can see dark spot right in the middle … Continue reading “Autopsy of Pregnant Woman – Warning! Disturbing Pictures of an Unborn Baby”

Female Autopsy Pic – Nice Capture

Morticians have some of the most messed up jobs ever and they tend to act accordingly. When I first saw this female autopsy pic I thought it was one of the finest autopsy captures I’ve seen and then I noticed all the people who stand around. You can’t see their faces as the pic rightly … Continue reading “Female Autopsy Pic – Nice Capture”