Open Post #2 – Gun Snackbarists


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I’m back with new Open Post because after observing the debate on our first Open Post, I couldn’t help but notice an unsettling thing… I’ll get to it soon. First thing first: I suspect that because I open the Open … Continue reading

Mutilated Female Body Found in Kupang City, Indonesia


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Mutilated body of an unidentified female was found in Kupang City, on the island of Timor, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. All the authorities released on the case was that the victim was a woman aged 20 to 30 years. … Continue reading

Dissection of Vagina During Autopsy – Video


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Look what I have for you today. Do you remember the post with photos of cut out vaginas? Well, here’s the video to go with it. The video is a 9 minutes long document of a pathologist performing a dissection … Continue reading

Aftermath of Live Dissection of a Woman in Unit 731, Japan


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Japanese Unit 731 gained worldwide notoriety for being a laboratory and a research station in which the medical, biological and chemical experiments were often performed on live humans (mostly prisoners of war from China or Korea). Although inhumanely cruel, the … Continue reading

Young Girl Strangled by Jealous Boyfriend with Electrical Cord


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This fine, young girl was strangled to death with an electric cord by her then boyfriend who got uncontrollably jealous after seeing her with another man. That’s a bit excessive for jealousy, but it is what it is. She must … Continue reading

Doctor Has a Collection of Real Cut Out Vaginas from Dead Women


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These photos are from the “what the actual fuck, I still haven’t seen it all?” series. It takes the bizarre to a whole new level. The set appears to show a pathologist cutting out a vagina from a body of … Continue reading

Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

It just plain sucks when your life reaches an end before you get a chance to try the finer things in life. It’s difficult to estimate an age of Chinese girls, but I’d say the girl in these pictures is in her early 20’s. Still a virgin with pretty, intact hymen, the girl never tasted the pleasures of having someone play with her vagina and then she died. Sad!

What’s with Chinese morticians performing an autopsy with the corpse still wearing her socks? I’m also not entirely convinced that the photo of an intact hymen belongs with the rest of the pictures, but it could. Spot light they used to illuminate her vulva with may have affected the white balance settings on the camera that took the picture to make it look entirely different from the rest of the photos.

Anyway, whether you’d like to see what an intact hymen looks like, or a dead Chinese girl on an autopsy table, the gallery below has it all:

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The Caption This Photo Contest #6

Autopsy Cut by Pussy

I have to play the broken record again – the image is hyperlinked so a higher resolution version can be accessed. But do not post your captions on the attachment page, post it here on this main post page. Otherwise it will not be counted as “the best”.

Your turn again – caption this photo in a contest #6.

Best Caption:

More than one way to skin a pussy… – Deadpool


A German Nazi “How to” photo on the Art of Drinking a Real Bloody Mary. – jadams

I’ll find that dildo for you ma’am – Nicky

They said finding the G-spot would be hard, but DAMN! – lamelamelame

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Freaky Looking Post Mortem Photos of a Young Girl

Freaky Looking Post Mortem Photos of a Young Girl

I know, I know. These photos are gore classics that you all have probably seen but that was many years ago. Back then, these pictures reached the peak of their fame by being passed around in sneaky sounding emails. However, the new generation of gore fanboys may not have seen them and since they are pretty freaky, they deserve a spot on Best Gore.

These are post mortem photos of a young girl who looks like the creepiest character from a horror movie you would never want to see by your bed when you wake up. I don’t know how old she was when she died or whether her breasts disappeared due to same effects of death that had her disfigured and discolored, but the blood in her crotch gives an impression that she may have died while having a period. How’s that for freaky?

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Autopsy of Pregnant Woman – Warning! Disturbing Pictures of an Unborn Baby

Autopsy of Pregnant Woman - Warning! Disturbing Pictures of an Unborn Baby

Warning! This post contains disturbing pictures of an unborn baby. The woman who is being autopsied must have been in late stages of pregnancy as the unborn baby appears well defined. My guess is the cause of death was a gun shot to the woman’s neck. You can see dark spot right in the middle of her neck suggesting that she may have been shot in her trachea at close range. The area appears so burnt that this may actually have been a point blank gun shot. Then if you look at the picture of her chest open, you may notice actual puncture in her trachea. So unless they pierce holes in corpse’s necks to hang them on a hook in morgue, then this woman was murdered by a gun shot to the neck.

Skin color and facial features suggest that she may have been from South East Asia. Possibly Thailand (not sure, not an expert) – though most Asian women don’t shave their pubes and this one seems to be shaved, or at least trimmed. There’s definitely no heavy bush typical of many Asian woman – again, unless they shave them prior to performing autopsies. But I doubt that – if pre-autopsy procedures involved any form of cleaning, this woman would not still have dried blood on her face and lips.

The tan lines on her breasts also suggest that she liked showing off in revealing clothes. Perhaps she was a hooker (just a dumb guess) which may or may not have anything to do with her pregnancy. But an Asian woman with shaved beaver and tan lines suggestive of bikini that barely covers her areola – there’s something “easy” about that…

Anyway, this woman was pregnant. The child she was bearing was due pretty soon so whoever killed her, offed too flies with one blow. Be warned that images in photo gallery below contain depictions of dead, unborn baby which might be potentially offensive and disturbing even to those of you who otherwise don’t mind regular gore. Stinky autopsy job, but well photographed:

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