Asian Woman in a Morgue

Happy Sunday/Monday everyone. I have here some very high quality images of an Asian woman laying on an autopsy table and then an image of her once the procedure had started with her sternum removed and her lungs and and innards exposed. She appears to be in very good condition with no sign of physical … Continue reading “Asian Woman in a Morgue”

Before and After of Open Casket Preparation by Mortician and Embalmer

Morticians and their make up artists must have a fascination for mortuary work. It’s a work of art to restore a mangled, decomposing corpse into a smooth, clean faced item to present inside a casket. I imagine they feel the same way artists who work on restorations of damaged artworks do. The two autopsy photos … Continue reading “Before and After of Open Casket Preparation by Mortician and Embalmer”

Morticians Left This Female Corpse Outside the Morgue, Someone Took Pictures

For the reasons I can’t understand, this female corpse was left by morticians just outside the door to a morgue on a slab. It almost looks like they left her out in the sun to dry before taking her inside. They even flipped her over so the sun bakes her backside too. There is no … Continue reading “Morticians Left This Female Corpse Outside the Morgue, Someone Took Pictures”

Video of Full Autopsy Performed on Young Male

This is a 25 minutes long video which shows a full process of autopsy start to finish. We already have a video of a woman being autopsied (that one had English commentary, this one is in some weird language) so now here’s a video of a man undertaking the same. I don’t know if it’s … Continue reading “Video of Full Autopsy Performed on Young Male”

Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy

Amanda Todd committed suicide by hanging. In her life story slash cry baby video she alleged that she’d tried bleach before, but it didn’t kill her – which is not surprising given that she bragged about it, aka she probably sniffed bleach solely to have a story with which to draw attention to herself and … Continue reading “Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy”

My Thoughts on Bullied BC Teen Amanda Todd and Her Suicide

The sheep world is abuzz about a teenager from British Columbia by the name of Amanda Todd who committed suicide because she had been bullied. The sheep, as you know, follow herd mentality. Because it is currently popular to jump on an “oh poor bullied girl” bandwagon, that’s exactly what all sheep do. But let … Continue reading “My Thoughts on Bullied BC Teen Amanda Todd and Her Suicide”

The Caption This Photo Contest #67

Caption this photo if you can… Best Caption Abstract topography: Above the equator, the flapper. South of the equator, smells like a crapper. – LadyLazuras Runners-up The worst part about Rattlesnake bites is not making the incision… It’s sucking out the venom. – drccoco Mom, grandma is trying to Facebook again – 1cehouse Get acupuncture … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #67”

Selena Quintanilla Perez Death and Autopsy Photos

Drccoco sent me these pics saying that they are the hard to find autopsy photos of Selena. And I’m like… who? Selena who? Who the fuck is Selena? I had to do some digging and asking around to find out that Selena Quintanilla Perez was a famous Latina singer that was shot and killed by … Continue reading “Selena Quintanilla Perez Death and Autopsy Photos”

Asian Rape Victim Murdered and Stuffed in a Suitcase

Young Asian girl was kidnapped by a maniac rapist who repeatedly abused her, tortured her and after she died, stuffed her in a suitcase. Them Asians are really compact and foldable. You could easily fit her in a carry on. Clearly, the killer wasn’t a traveling necrophiliac or else he’d tag her along as a … Continue reading “Asian Rape Victim Murdered and Stuffed in a Suitcase”

Autopsy of a Pregnant Woman

It looks to me like somebody murdered this pregnant woman by slicing her throat. Easy double kill with a single shot. Brutal to take on a pregnant woman, though. Maybe would be father wanted an abortion and she just wouldn’t have the unborn kid killed? It also looks to me like they found the woman … Continue reading “Autopsy of a Pregnant Woman”