Female Circumcision Pictures

After documentaries about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt and ceremonial Female Circumcision in Kenya, here are some pictures of circumcised female genitalia. What does it say about mankind when genital mutilation of both males and females is still an every day occurrence. You’d think we’d evolve enough to leave the barbaric practise behind, but it’s … Continue reading “Female Circumcision Pictures”

Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – Documentary

To expand on the recently posted documentary about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt, here’s a documentary about the same practise in the birthplace of the US president – Kenya. It’s an excerpt from a documentary titled The Cut and focuses on a community called Pokot in Kenya. In the community, female genital mutilation is a … Continue reading “Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – Documentary”

Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt

This documentary about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt is presented by one of the most deranged groups of Zionist puppets among the mainstream media tools – The British Broadcasting Corporation. As such, the rhetoric and bias are self evident. The introduction to the video is done by the chief of all tools. He has no … Continue reading “Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt”

Severe Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation involves cutting of outer sexual organs of a woman, but usually only affects labia minora and/or clitoris. This type of “regular” female genital mutilation is akin to regular male genital mutilation (aka circumcision), but what we see in the picture above is not just your regular FGM. In boys, this type of … Continue reading “Severe Female Genital Mutilation”