Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India

In Kathihar, Bihar, India, a baby boy was born with top of his head missing. According to the information I got, the condition is caused by the genetic disorder we’ve seen on Best Gore before, although harlequin ichthyosis is typically associated with scaly skin. The condition looks closer to anencephaly than harlequin ichthyosis to me, … Continue reading “Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India”

Unwanted Baby Killed by Stray Dogs After Being Discarded

In Venezuela, a baby was found in a hole, discarded by the mother, and apparently chewed on by stray dogs. According to the locals, the baby was overheard crying, but by the time someone found it, the dogs had already sank their teeth into its tender flesh. I’m not sure to what extent I believe … Continue reading “Unwanted Baby Killed by Stray Dogs After Being Discarded”

Dead Baby Removed from Womb of Dead Woman

A pregnant woman died, and a pathologist opened up her belly to extract the fetus from her womb. I’m not sure what the expectation was, but the fetus came out as dead as his mother. I don’t have any information regarding where this was filmed, or why the woman died. If you happen to know … Continue reading “Dead Baby Removed from Womb of Dead Woman”

Two Women Crushed by Truck in India, Fetus Squeezed Out of Pregnant One

In Jugraon, Punjab, India, two women were crushed to death by a truck. One of the women was pregnant. The pressure of being crushed caused her abdomen to burst and the fetus to come out. There is a motorcycle next to the corpses – perhaps the women were riding and got in the accident? Props … Continue reading “Two Women Crushed by Truck in India, Fetus Squeezed Out of Pregnant One”

Pregnant Woman Hits Her Baby Belly with Hammer to Kill Fetus

A video from an unspecified location (not sure if Brazil or not) shows a pregnant woman repeatedly hitting her own baby belly with a hammer, apparently to kill the fetus. The woman starts hammering slowly, but picks up the speed and the force with which he hits as she goes along. She appears to be … Continue reading “Pregnant Woman Hits Her Baby Belly with Hammer to Kill Fetus”

Discarded Unborn Baby Found on Trash Pile in Cambodia

At around 9:30am on August 5, 2016, in what’s caller Park Canadia, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a group of scavenger kids came across a corpse of an unborn baby laid on top of a trash pile. Cambodian authorities estimate the baby was about 7 to 8 months old. I can’t help but notice that the … Continue reading “Discarded Unborn Baby Found on Trash Pile in Cambodia”

Pregnant Woman Autopsied, Womb Drained, Dead Fetus Released

Fascinating, but horribly filmed autopsy video shows the pathologist cutting open a corpse of a pregnant woman, removing her womb, draining it off uterine fluid and releasing a dead fetus inside. I didn’t get any background information about the video, but I seem to observe marks on her neck, which together with the specific focus … Continue reading “Pregnant Woman Autopsied, Womb Drained, Dead Fetus Released”

Dead Fetus Market in Asia

If you ever wondered if those rumors about dead fetus butcher’s shops in Asia are true, this video may once and for all answer the question. Though it’s not quite clear what exactly is going on. I believe the video is from Thailand – where lack of unwanted fetuses has never been an issue. The … Continue reading “Dead Fetus Market in Asia”

Closeup Video of Late Term Abortion

Whereas a common late term abortion procedure involves crushing the fetus’ head and scraping out the pieces, this video shows the fetus being removed intact. This is achieved by injecting the unborn baby with a poison before pulling its lifeless corpse out. It is for this reason why the baby is not reacting to being … Continue reading “Closeup Video of Late Term Abortion”

Aftermath of Traffic Accident in India That Ripped Unborn Baby Out of Pregnant Woman

This post expands on the single picture of Unborn Baby Squirted Onto Road After Accident. Best Gore member wakkawak12 hooked us up with a few more pics of the aftermath of the crash. The pics show several people, one dismembered, and the ex-pregnant woman lying crushed near the baby. The accident happened in India.