Malfunction at Sewage Treatment Plant Causes Flash Flood that Takes Down Wall

Video from the city of Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas in Brazil, shows a flash flood caused by a malfunction at a nearby sewage treatment plant, taking down a wall to a condominium while residents were enjoying a barbecue.

People Swept Away as South China is Ravaged by Floods

The floods created by torrential rains raging across Southern China continue to wreak havoc on homes, land and the economy. Over 54 people have been confirmed dead with many more still missing. 15,000 homes have been completely destroyed and 250,000 people are basically homeless and moved into temporary housing. The monsoon season rains have also … Continue reading “People Swept Away as South China is Ravaged by Floods”

Woman Crushed to Death by Collapsed Wall Brought Down by Severe Floods in Managua, Nicaragua

A body of a 40 year old woman was recovered from under a collapsed wall of her house, which was brought down by severe floods that paralyzed the town of Managua in Nicaragua. Rescuers later recovered additional 8 members of her family (not on video). At the end of the video, son of the victim … Continue reading “Woman Crushed to Death by Collapsed Wall Brought Down by Severe Floods in Managua, Nicaragua”

The Kedarnath Flood of 2013

The flood at Kedarnath was a tragedy in the western Garhwal Himalayas that occurred on June 16th, 2013 when heavy rains overflowed rivers and lakes and brought rushing waters into the town from the mountains above, paving the way for a wall of death to rush into the ancient town of Kedarnath. A 1,200 year … Continue reading “The Kedarnath Flood of 2013”

Whole House with Man Trapped Inside Washed Away by Flood Waters

That shoddy house stood no chance. The body of water that took it on was too massive. The video is from Sichuan in China. A man was trapped in a house that was encircled by a huge stream of flood waters. The house seemed to be the only tall structure still standing – either because … Continue reading “Whole House with Man Trapped Inside Washed Away by Flood Waters”

Driving a Car Into a Flash Flood

Dashcam video from the US of A. During a heavy downpour that left the roads flooded, the driver approached a road entirely covered with water. He decided to U turn and drive back but because the food covered the road so much he couldn’t see its sides, he plunged off a hidden embankment, nose diving … Continue reading “Driving a Car Into a Flash Flood”

Russian Man Drowns in Flood Water As Hypothermia Sets In

Parts of Russia have been ravaged by severe flooding which already claimed the lives of at least 150 people. In some areas, water temperature never gets above 10 Degrees Celsius which is really cold and if a person gets caught in it, hypothermia quickly sets in, rendering self help impossible. I don’t know why the … Continue reading “Russian Man Drowns in Flood Water As Hypothermia Sets In”

Philippines – Mother Finds Son Dead After Typhoon Washi

Typhoon Washi recently swept through the Mindanao province in southern Philippines killing 957 people (official death toll as of December 20, 2011). Flash floods Typhoon Wasji created washed away entire villages resulting in the worst natural disaster to strike predominantly Muslim Mindanao in decades. Video below shows the aftermath of Typhoon Washi. Distressed old lady … Continue reading “Philippines – Mother Finds Son Dead After Typhoon Washi”

Victims of Flash Floods in Brazil

This is a very unique opportunity to see dead Brazilians who weren’t killed in a violent attack. Shocking! These three men were driving in a car and tried to cross the road that got flooded but the water overtook their car and swept them under. The rescuers in red Speedos pulled them out and set … Continue reading “Victims of Flash Floods in Brazil”

Roadside Corpses

So you’re just riding your motorcycle to work one day and the road is lined with randomly scattered corpses. You don’t even whinge. You just keep riding cause that’s normal in your hood. We don’t get that in my hood. All I see are dead skunks, but I smell them before I see them. No … Continue reading “Roadside Corpses”