Woman Killed and Dismembered by Train in Thailand

People getting killed and dismembered by trains tend to happen with noticeable frequency in Thailand. It also often happens on a stretch of tracks that goES unobstructed into the distance, so a train doesn’t just turn up out of nowhere. I don’t know what these Thais are doing when they are crossing the tracks? Strangely, … Continue reading “Woman Killed and Dismembered by Train in Thailand”

Woman in China Got Her Leg Crushed by Bus

Video from China shows a woman in a pool of blood on the road after her leg was crushed by a bus. Poor lady is left to feel abandoned. Her cries of helplessness are observed from a distance, but no one comes to her to offer comfort. Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the … Continue reading “Woman in China Got Her Leg Crushed by Bus”

Victim Fights Back, Destroys Assailant’s Foot

This happened in Brazil. Unfortunately, I only got very incomplete and for the most part non-sensical background info, so the best I could do it try to paste the bits and pieces together to get to a probable backstory. It would appear that a pair of assailants picked on the wrong victim. The victim fought … Continue reading “Victim Fights Back, Destroys Assailant’s Foot”

Couple in Bad Shape After Accident

Video of an accident aftermath depicts a mature couple in bad shape. The woman appears to be dead and her broken lower leg is weirdly twisted. The man is alive, but his lower leg is shredded, with foot pretty much amputated. I don’t have any further information, but the way the woman is doing pointers … Continue reading “Couple in Bad Shape After Accident”

Remains of Man Hit by Train Near Bucharest in Romania

On June 28, 2015 a man was fatally hit by a train near Bucharest in Romania. His legs were severed and were found about 50 meters away. His skull was cracked and his shirt stuck to the face of the locomotive, leaving his torso to dangle. He remained dangling for about an hour before medics … Continue reading “Remains of Man Hit by Train Near Bucharest in Romania”

Young Couple Mangled on Road After Motorcycle Crash

Video from Cesar Department in Colombia shows the aftermath of a double fatality motorcycle accident. A young couple crashed and both ended up ripped apart. ampu Looks like the girl had her whole left leg amputated, and bled out through the wound. She wore long jeans, and the amputated leg is still inside its sleeve. … Continue reading “Young Couple Mangled on Road After Motorcycle Crash”

Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia

In the village of Bringkang, located in the Gresik district, East Java, Indonesia, a young person was shredded in half by a truck. I used the word “shredded” because that’s about all I could think of when I looked at the crushed, separated, but still trapped under the either side of the wheel halves of … Continue reading “Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia”

Teenager Found Decapitated, Dismembered, Castrated and with Heart Carved Out

Corpse of a teenage boy was found in a brush in Pedreiras, a city in Maranhão, Brazil. The body was decapitated, dismembered, disemboweled, castrated and the heart was carved out. The victim was identified as 14 year old student named Emanuel Messias Silva de Sousa. Shortly after his discovery, the police arrested 20 year old … Continue reading “Teenager Found Decapitated, Dismembered, Castrated and with Heart Carved Out”

Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Accident in Costa Rica

In the Heredia province of Costa Rica, a motorcyclist crashed and lost his leg. The video shows passers-by comforting the victim, and even applying a tourniquet on the stump to prevent fatal blood loss. I wonder if thanks to the prompt administration of first aid and arrival of medics, the leg could be re-attached despite … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Accident in Costa Rica”

Crashed Motorcyclist Lands on Side of Road with Leg Destroyed

The video shows an aftermath of a motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist is on the side of the road with his left leg pretty much destroyed. As he rolls around and moans with pain, he lifts his mangled leg to expose the degloved femur (thighbone), with everything below the knee joint shredded beyond repair.