Tongue Splitting on a Young Girl


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Tongue splitting is a body modification technique that involves the bifurcation of the tongue lengthwise along its center. Once it’s healed, the person will have a “forked tongue“, otherwise known as a “snake tongue“. Girl in this video already had … Continue reading

Driver Bites Hole in His Tongue Crashing His Car


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Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member foreverforgotten. The pictures show his friend who crashed his car and slammed his noggin in the process, biting a massive hole in his tongue. I’ll … Continue reading

Do It Yourself Tongue Bifurcation


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Don’t be surprised if you find yourself clenching your toes and squeezing your ass cheeks watching this video even if you’re a seasoned gorgian. Splitting your own tongue lengthwise, aka performing a do-it-yourself tongue bifurcation is certainly an activity that … Continue reading

Tongue Bifurcation Video – Snake Tongue Splitting Procedure as Body Mod

Tongue Bifurcation Video - Snake Tongue Splitting Procedure as Body Mod

Tongue Bifurcation, also known as tongue splitting is an extreme body modification during which the tongue is forked by surgical cutting to give an impression of a snake tongue. The video below shows the Tongue Bifurcation procedure and I swear I admire the guy for not throwing up. For one, having your tongue out of your mouth for an extended period of time must be extremely uncomfortable and secondly, there is a taste of blood your tongue taste buds are exposed to so unless you’re a vampire, Tongue Bifurcation must be a vomit inducing procedure. As such, I must give props to the guy in the video who had his tongue split and took it like a champ. No stomach matter splattered all over the body mod artist.

I have my ear pierced twice, but not my tongue. From what I hear, getting your tongue done is the least painful piercing. I’ve also heard that tongue has shorter recovery time than most other body parts making it one of the most suitable body parts for extreme body mods. But I may be wrong on that, I’ll let our readers who are extreme body modification fans to fill us in with reliable information.

Enjoy the Tongue Bifurcation video below. I actually think tongue splitting is hot. I myself may be too chicken to get it done on my own tongue (at least for now), but I do appreciate the art of body modifications and give props to all fans of quality mods.

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