Woman Hit by Truck Has Arm Amputated and Femur Broken

On January 2, 2016, in the Tabuleiro neighborhood in Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil, a young woman was hit by a truck while crossing the BA-210 highway. The impact amputated her arm and broke her femur. Witnesses reported that the woman’s arm got caught in the truck’s tire.

Man Killed by Train While Crossing Tracks in Padang, Indonesia

In Padang, the capital of West Sumatra in Indonesia, a middle-aged man was killed by a train while trying to cross the railway track. The incident happened on December 27, 2016. Videos like this make you wonder if them flip phone Indonesians also sleep in their motorcycle helmets.

Woman Has Legs Crushed by Freight Container in Nigeria

In Festac, Nigeria, a freight container slipped from a truck and fell on a woman riding a bike down the road. The contained crushed her legs, and kept her trapped. Rescuers were unable to find a crane on the short notice to free the woman, and resorted to amputating the woman’s leg with a machete … Continue reading “Woman Has Legs Crushed by Freight Container in Nigeria”

Motorcyclist Seriously Injures Leg Colliding with Car

Pictures allegedly from Indonesia depict the damage to the leg caused by the motorcyclist colliding with a car. Walking will never be the same for the chap. It looks as though the biker clipped the car as the two were moving in the opposite direction from each other. Some of the damage to the car’s … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Seriously Injures Leg Colliding with Car”

Cambodian Man in Rough Shape with Nasty Leg Break

No real background info to speak of here, but the pics are from Cambodia. They depict a man in rough shape with a nasty leg break. It’s possible that the pics are of a motorcycle crash aftermath. The victim had tourniquet applied to his leg, but blood loss seems quite significant, and in some pics … Continue reading “Cambodian Man in Rough Shape with Nasty Leg Break”

Femur Sticks Out Through Compound Fracture of Leg

I don’t have any backinfo about this video. It appears to depict the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. The biker is shown on the road with a compound fracture of the leg somewhere in the knee area. His defleshed femur sticks out.

Traffic Accident Victim Dies with Leg Twisted Out of Shape

In the town of Tibau, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a man was run over by a vehicle. He was killed by the impact, but also had his leg twisted out of shape like I’ve never seen out of a traffic accident. This post is dedicated to @wallabeast, so he can sleep without nightmares.

Survivor of Fatal Traffic Accident Shares Photos of Injuries

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @goarmystrong, who is the survivor of the fatal crash from this mainstream report. He calls it “the night my life changed forever“. The accident occurred in the 900 block of Fort Story Hospital Road in Virginia Beach, VA, on August … Continue reading “Survivor of Fatal Traffic Accident Shares Photos of Injuries”

Two Dead, One Injured When Trio on Motorcycle Crashes Into Dumpster

This happened in Bekasi (MM-2100 industrial arena) in Jawa Barat Province, Indonesia, on 24th of October 2016. According to the info I got, the trip of young men rode on one motorcycle and crashed into a dumpster on the side of the road. Of the three, two died, and one survived with severe leg injuries. … Continue reading “Two Dead, One Injured When Trio on Motorcycle Crashes Into Dumpster”

Biker on Road with Gash in Head and Destroyed Knee Cap

This happened in Mari, a municipality in the state of Paraíba, Brazil. The motorcyclist somehow crashed and ended up on the road, with a gash on his head and knee cap destroyed. No further info: