Salt and Ice Wounds Update


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This post updates the previously posted photos of salt and ice self inflicted wounds provided exclusively to Best Gore by BeautifulxDisaster. It’s interesting to see how the healing process is progressing and how the chemical burns and frostbites change with … Continue reading

Self Harmer Tries Salt and Ice for Chemical Burns and Frostbite


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Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member BeautifulxDisaster who’s from my ex home town of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. BeautifulxDisaster spiced up self harming with salt and ice which add chemical burns … Continue reading

Rocketboy Suffers Severe Frostbites Getting Drunk in Edmonton


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Earlier today an extraordinary thing happened. I took a walk to a grocery store like I do every day and saw a young Caucasian female driving a car in Edmonton and not texting. I don’t remember seeing that in at … Continue reading

Freon Burn on Skin of Forearm


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This car mechanic was adding freon to a car’s air conditioner when a freon hose exploded in his hand, spraying the hazardous chemical onto his forearm. Although these injuries are called “Freon Burns”, they are in reality frostbites. Freon freezes … Continue reading

Man Gets His Rotten Feet Cut Off


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I don’t have the background story to go with these pictures but judging by the sleeping bags and overall looks of the man, he’s probably homeless and has lived on that piece of cold ground for a while. His clothes … Continue reading

Blisters Caused by Cryotherapy – Liquid Nitrogen Wart Removal


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Cryotherapy is a century old treatment method based on application of extremely low temperatures to destroy diseased cells. I plan on undertaking cryogenic chamber therapy next time I take a trip to Slovakia, but that’s just one form of cryotherapy. … Continue reading