The Dyatlov Pass Incident


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The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one of those famous “what really happened” stories from history. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones movies now-a-days plaster “Based on a true story” all over in the promotional ads. Well, despite … Continue reading

Naked Young Girl Jammed Inside Freezer and Left to Freeze to Death

Naked Young Girl Jammed Inside Freezer and Left to Freeze to Death

I remember when I was wondering about the torments of freezing to death in a freezing of a homeless bum post and a dedicated Best Gore reader corrected me that when you freeze to death, your body drifts off to sleep (thanks k_cotney). I guess that’s a little bit of condolence to this girl.

Unlike the homeless bum, this girl was both exposed to freezing temperatures as well as a confined space. As if freezing to death weren’t bad enough, she was also forced to deal with claustrophobia and whatever the name for fear of being in a complete darkness is. You can tell by the way her neck is bent that she was jammed inside to suffer.

From the information I have gotten, the attacker first burned the girl and you can still see burns on her feet even after she was pulled out of the freezer. Then he choked the girl to prevent her from struggling out of the freezer where he subsequently stuffed her jammed. She froze to death jammed naked inside the freezer.

I wonder how they determine the time of death in people who were frozen to death. Low temperatures preserve the tissue so she would look the same whether pulled out of there now or a month later. I don’t know for sure where this took place but I’m guessing Brazil or other similar country close by, such as Venezuela. The gallery is below:

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