Woman with Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Child

A couple with a child rode a motorcycle and collided with a car. Both adults had their legs fractured, but the child was held safely by the mother and did not suffer a scratch. The video shows the mother breastfeeding the child while she sits on the road with her leg visibly broken. An exemplary … Continue reading “Woman with Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Child”

Victim Fights Back, Destroys Assailant’s Foot

This happened in Brazil. Unfortunately, I only got very incomplete and for the most part non-sensical background info, so the best I could do it try to paste the bits and pieces together to get to a probable backstory. It would appear that a pair of assailants picked on the wrong victim. The victim fought … Continue reading “Victim Fights Back, Destroys Assailant’s Foot”

Man Hacked by Three Masked Attackers in Kuala Besut, Malaysia

While in a barber shop in Kampung Pachakan near Kuala Besut, north-east Malaysia, 23 year old Muhammad Al Amin Zakaria was attacked by three masked men with machetes. He tried to escape them by running through the back door, but they caught him and hacked him all over, though no blow was fatal. The victim, … Continue reading “Man Hacked by Three Masked Attackers in Kuala Besut, Malaysia”

Man Attacked by Pack of Dogs

In an unspecified Asian country, a man walking down an alleyway is attacked by a pack of dogs. The CCTV video shows him walking with two dogs on a leash, when two more, larger dogs get too close and personal with them. The man appears to want to be friendly with the bigger dogs, and … Continue reading “Man Attacked by Pack of Dogs”

Large Pit Bulls Viciously Tear Burglar to Death in South Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa, a pair of large pit bulls viciously mauled an alleged burglar who entered a property at the Lotus Riven area. The victim was taken to hospital in serious condition, where he later died. He was identified as a 35 year old Wayne Kayster. The video shows dogs relentlessly gnawing at … Continue reading “Large Pit Bulls Viciously Tear Burglar to Death in South Africa”

Dominican Man Got His Cheek Slashed with Machete

Video from La Republica Dominicana shows a man who took a machete blow to the head. He got to some kind of fight and that’s how it ended. Even though the wound doesn’t look all that deep, he appears shaken by it enough to need support of his friend to get into an ambulance.

Bone Sticks Out Through Knee Smashed in Motorcycle Accident

In Cuiabá – the capital city of Mato Grosso, Brazil, a motorcyclist crashed and smashed his knee. The video shows him in agony, as part of his femur bone sticks out through the destroyed joint. I’m not sure putting cardboard over his knee was a smart idea. He has already seen how badly damaged it … Continue reading “Bone Sticks Out Through Knee Smashed in Motorcycle Accident”

Couple in Bad Shape After Accident

Video of an accident aftermath depicts a mature couple in bad shape. The woman appears to be dead and her broken lower leg is weirdly twisted. The man is alive, but his lower leg is shredded, with foot pretty much amputated. I don’t have any further information, but the way the woman is doing pointers … Continue reading “Couple in Bad Shape After Accident”

Doctors Prepare to Fix Man with Face Messed Up in Bar Fight

The video shows doctors examining a patient with a bloodied, bruised, cracked and swollen face. According to the source, this happened after an argument in a bar, although it looks more like some cartel work, if you asked me. His jaw looks broken. I’m guessing he was bashed on the face with a blunt object, … Continue reading “Doctors Prepare to Fix Man with Face Messed Up in Bar Fight”

Dominican Man Chopped in Arm with Machete

In Los Alcarrizos – a municipality in the Santo Domingo province in the Dominican Republic, a man was chopped in the elbow area of his arm with a machete. The video shows him holding his forearm, as something that looks like a bone sticks out of his wound. I like how the victim had to … Continue reading “Dominican Man Chopped in Arm with Machete”