Rapist Takes Police to Place Where He Left Corpse of Raped Girl

I have no info about this video, but it has a bit of a Brazilian flair. The video shows a presumed rapist taking the police to a place where he left the corpse of a girl he would have raped and killed. It looks to me like the girl may have had her abdomen sliced … Continue reading “Rapist Takes Police to Place Where He Left Corpse of Raped Girl”

Man in Agony After Truck Ripped Him in Half

I have the feeling that this video is also from Brazil. It shows a man on the road after the truck next to him run him over and ripped him in half. As is typical of people torn in half, this fellow survived the split, to experience the agony of helplessly dying.

Pair on Motorcycle Ran Over and Crushed in Surabaya, Indonesia

In Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, a pair on a motorcycle crashed and got run over. Both died. At least one had innards squeezed out and deposited on the road. I see traces of former motorcycle helmets near both victims, but not only did the helmets splinter, they would be of little assistance when the content … Continue reading “Pair on Motorcycle Ran Over and Crushed in Surabaya, Indonesia”

Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death, Beating Heart Shot Out of Body

The video is from India, but I don’t have any further specifics. It shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. A man is shown next to his bike with head and chest crushed, and internal organs squeezed out. His heart was shot out of the chest and landed a distance away, … Continue reading “Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death, Beating Heart Shot Out of Body”

Woman Stabs to Death Her 2 Year Old Child

32 year old woman named Pretty Juliana (kid you not, that’s apparently her name) killed her own child aged 2 years and 6 months with twenty-eight knife stabs to the body, including the long stab in the abdomen, which resulted in the child’s intestines spilling out. The terrible murder took place in the city of … Continue reading “Woman Stabs to Death Her 2 Year Old Child”

Man Crushed by Truck Beyond Recognition in East Java, Indonesia

This happened in Bangil – a town in the Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Indonesia. A man somehow ended up under the wheels of a truck, that crushed him beyond recognition. There are a couple of limbs that look somewhat human, but most of his body has been reduced to uncured jerky.

Man Mangled and Ripped to Pieces by Train

I don’t know where this video is from, but I have my guess, and it starts with a letter “I”. The video shows the aftermath of an apparent attempt to hug a train in motion. he guy got mangled, cut in half and otherwise ripped to piece. The white baseball hat looks like it came … Continue reading “Man Mangled and Ripped to Pieces by Train”

Man with Guts Coming Out Through Destroyed Crotch

In Bungo Regency, Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia, a young man on a motorcycle was run over by a Hino truck. The incident took place in front of the Great Mosque of Al Mubarok on Monday night, December 19, 2016. The victim was identified only as 22 year old named Rahmat, residents of Sungai Mengkuang, in … Continue reading “Man with Guts Coming Out Through Destroyed Crotch”

Thai Shredded and Smeared on Road by Bus

Photos from Thailand show the aftermath of a traffic accident in which a person was run over, shredded and smeared on the road by a bus at night. The cleanup crew had quite a line of bloody mess to sort out.

Biker Merges Into Truck, Gets Flattened

In Thailand, a biker merged from the side onto the road, but failed to check if it was safe, and found himself in the path of a passing truck. Predictably, the truck turned him into a blob of red mess. There is a strikingly unexplainable lack of pointers in this set of photos: