Motorcyclist Dies After Crashing Into Lamppost


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On Monday, January 19, 2015 a motorcyclist died after apparently crashing into a lamppost in the city of Santa Quitéria, state of Ceará, Brazil. The city locality in which the accident occurred is called “Baixo Boa Vida”, which according to … Continue reading

Two Young Thai Girls Mangled by a Truck


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A fatal accident occurred on January 10, 2015 between a truck and two young Thais on a motorcycle. The truck driver is believed to have been driving drunk although the translation makes it a little hard to tell. We also … Continue reading

Thai’s Head is Smashed by an 18 Wheeler


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A Thai man had the unfortunate opportunity to find out what it’s like to be run over by a truck when an 18 wheeler that had stopped for repairs suddenly rolled forward, quickly gained momentum, and struck the man in … Continue reading

Thai Struck by a Truck Leaves a Mangled Body in Pool of Blood


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Brutal accident happened in Thailand at an intersection in Phanat Nikom District. A man on a bike was struck while crossing the road by an 18 wheeler and smashed, flattened and mangled into a beautifully bloody pulp. We also have … Continue reading

Another Thai on a Motorcycle Turned Into Street Pizza


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This latest episode of Thai Death Ride occurred in the Sai Noi District of Thailand. 48 year old Chonong Chinsurionga crashed into an 18 wheeler which resulted in him being run over and squashed like a bug; his guts spilled … Continue reading

Thai Mechanic Gets His Face Smashed by Tractor Tire


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A tractor tire exploded and hit the mechanic working on the tractor square in the face. The pressures involved shot the tire into the man’s face with enough force to split it right in the middle and even ejected the … Continue reading

Pair in Rough Shape After Crash – One Has Lower Leg Destroyed, The Other Skull Cracked Open


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I know nothing about this video, but it appears to show a pair in rough shape after a motorcycle crash. A guy on the right had his lower leg pretty much destroyed, but appears to be alive and conscious otherwise. … Continue reading

Brutal Accident on the CE 187 Highway in Brazil Leaves Three Dead


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A brutal accident between a Ford Fiesta and a box truck occurred on the CE 187 highway in the state of Ceará, Brazil on the 5th of June, 2014. The accident brutally killed three of the five occupants of the … Continue reading

Murdered Couple – Return of the FlipFlops and Da Silvas


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A few things are associated to Brazil. Most people think of samba, capoeira, mixed-race people, long palmy beaches with exotic women with big asses and silicon tits, carnival and party all year round. Of course some are oblivious to the … Continue reading

77 Year Old Brazilian Man Driving a Bicycle Cart Hit by Truck, Head and Guts Spilled on Road


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The incident happened in the early morning of 19 November where a man, aged 77 years old, was driving a cargo-type bicycle and got hit by a truck on a roundabout named MG 196 in Bairro Palmas, in the city … Continue reading