Eye Impalement by Pruning Shears


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86 year old Leroy Luetscher is a Wisconsin native who now lives in Green Valley, Arizona. On July 30, 2011 he was trimming plants in his background and was just about done when he lost balance and landed with his … Continue reading

Amateur Wrestler Gets Multi-Prong Pins Hammered Into Skull


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I don’t know what proper name for those things is so I’m gonna call them multi-prong pins. The event looks like some kind of outdoor, amateur wrestling match but amateur or not, the wrestlers went all in putting on the … Continue reading

Construction Worker Impaled Through the Eye with Steel Rod


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Like I said – China and workplace safety don’t seem to get along very well. And with all those pesky steel roads bouncing around, looking for a spare eye to leap into like fruit flies on a sunny day, an … Continue reading

Young Man Stabbed and Decapitated in Brazil


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On the morning of Thursday April 26, 2012 a group of villagers from Murici, a municipality 54 km from Maceió, in the forest zone of Alagoas, Brazil found a decapitated body of a young male. His back was riddled with … Continue reading

Brazil – 9 Year Old Girl Accidentally Stabbed in Head with Machete


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Child’s play almost ended in tragedy after 9 year old girl had a tip of a huge machete stuck in her skull. The incident happened in the late afternoon on Saturday, March 31, 2012 on Avenida das Cataratas (Fals Avenue), … Continue reading

Brazilian Mob Goes Vlad the Impaler on Rapist


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Very scarce info available about these photos but what’s known is that the man was accused of having raped someone and the community took justice into their own hands. Justice served, I guess. The mob decided to go Vlad the … Continue reading

Skull Impalement


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What’s the joke about the last thing that went through his mind again? The force of this impalement must have been epic, given how bony skull is. Wooden stick went through his right cheek and out his left ear. Probably … Continue reading

Stabbed with Steak Knife in the Face


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Right through the cheek bone, all the way down to the handle, this man was stabbed with a steak knife. I wonder if it was a domestic dispute out of which a woman got out on top this time around. … Continue reading

Woman with Huge Blade Stuck in Head Walks Into a Hospital


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I think this video is from our good old Brazil. Probably a result of a domestic dispute whereas a man would stab his wife in the head with huge ass knife, applying so much force, the handle on the knife … Continue reading

The Caption This Photo Contest #41

Impaled Pole Head

Speared by metal pole. Caption it if you can.

Best Caption:

Every zombie’s favorite treat… Brain Slurpee! – Joe112358


Looks like the forehead seal was installed properly. – drccoco

Mary had a little lamb
It’s fleece was white and frilly
She used to throw it in the air
And catch it by the willy – Crazeone

Gots me some bling – Graugeist

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