Driver and Passengers in Rough Shape After Rear-Ending Flat Bed


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A group of young men traveling in a car look to be in pretty rough shape after rear-ending a flat bed trailer truck on an interstate road BA-210, between Juazeiro and Sobradinho in Bahia, Brazil. The passenger on the front … Continue reading

SAA Defeat ISIS and Take Back Villages from Around Deir Al-Zour Airfield


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I have some good news from the side of the resistance. Our good friend Syrian_Boy is alive and well and has submitted to us some photos from the Deir AL-Zour military airfield east of Syria. But I will let the … Continue reading

ISIS Execute a Gay Man, Two Suspected Thieves and an Adulteress


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This post is a series or executions carried out by the Islamic State aka ISIS, in Nineveh, Iraq. The first set of photos depict the death of a man being thrown to his death from a roof top who was … Continue reading

Motorcyclist Dies After Crashing Into Lamppost


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On Monday, January 19, 2015 a motorcyclist died after apparently crashing into a lamppost in the city of Santa Quitéria, state of Ceará, Brazil. The city locality in which the accident occurred is called “Baixo Boa Vida”, which according to … Continue reading

Three Thai Students Injured in a Motorcycle Crash, One Loses an Arm


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Three young Thais were riding in the traditional Asia way of multiple humans on a mode of transportation not designed for more than two people as well as all three being sans helmet (at least make sure the girl has … Continue reading

Thai Man’s Preferred Method of Suicide is Dismemberment by Train


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Another Thai chose to opt out of life and do so in a way to create some nice gore. I’m of course talking about one of my favorite suicide methods; train dismemberment. The train is a force to be reckoned … Continue reading

Two Young Thai Girls Mangled by a Truck


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A fatal accident occurred on January 10, 2015 between a truck and two young Thais on a motorcycle. The truck driver is believed to have been driving drunk although the translation makes it a little hard to tell. We also … Continue reading

Thai’s Head is Smashed by an 18 Wheeler


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A Thai man had the unfortunate opportunity to find out what it’s like to be run over by a truck when an 18 wheeler that had stopped for repairs suddenly rolled forward, quickly gained momentum, and struck the man in … Continue reading

Brazilian Farmer Takes on Four Armed Bandits and Kills Three of Them


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Here is some bad-assery in the form of Brazilian self defense. January 11th, 2015, outside the city of Terra Roxa, State of Paraná, Brazil four man came up to a farm armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and a handgun. … Continue reading

Thai Police Officer is Struck and Killed by a Vehicle, Paints the Street Crimson


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Here we have a Thai police officer who was struck and killed while on duty. As we know, the motorcycle is the machine of death in South East Asia and this man, despite his badge, was no exception. Unlike America, … Continue reading