15 Year Old Gunned Down Meters from His House in Caruaru, Brazil


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Around 4 am on the morning of Sunday, March 15th, in Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, 15 year old Matheus de Assis Souza was gunned down just meters from where he was living with his aunt in the São João … Continue reading

Thai is Hit by Pickup Truck, Dies at the Scene with Heavy Blood Flow


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A 57 year old man riding his bicycle was struck by a pickup truck which flipped the man onto the hood of the truck, pushed his head through the windshield causing massive head trauma and leaving a huge, bright trail … Continue reading

Attempted Robbery Thwarted by Home Owner Wielding Katana in Córdoba, Argentina


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Córdoba, Argentina. Two men broke into a home with and assaulted the man and woman living there. The husband managed to get away from the men and grabbed one of his katana swords he had on display in his home … Continue reading

Young Man Racing His Motorcycle Crashes Head on Into Car and Destroys His Head


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A man in his early twenties in Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina was racing his motorcycle against another motorcyclist and had a fatal head on collision with a car. As far as I know, the driver of the car and the … Continue reading

Rear End Collision in Thailand Kills One, Injures Two Others


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A pickup truck rear ended another vehicle in the Nakhon Chai District, Thailand. The driver, a female, was killed on impact and two others were injured, trapped inside the vehicle and had to be freed by the jaws of life, … Continue reading

Gang Fight Leaves Two Dead in Huinan Township, China


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A fight erupted in a bar in Huinan township, China, between to rival gangs. The cause of the fight was described as a trivial argument which escalated to the point of machetes being drawn and the members attacking each other. … Continue reading

Al-Nusra Front Cockroaches Defeated in Idlib, Syria


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Our resident hero, Syrian_Boy has returned with a tale of victory for us. It has been a while since we have heard from him and naturally, many of us become anxious of such long absences, but, he is still with … Continue reading

Man Takes the Thai Plunge


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Apparently, a non-white, non-foreigner (what the fuck?) fell to his death from the eighth story of a condo in what I’m assuming is Chiang Mai Province. The man does not appear to have left a note explaining his situation so … Continue reading

Video of Thai Man Crushed by Electric Pole with His Brain Splattered


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This video expands on the post published earlier by Obli about a Thai man crushed by an electric pole. No further information about the incident has been obtained since, so here’s the video in HD. It shows how badly his … Continue reading

Alleged Gay Youth Stoned to Death in Jamaica


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A video from Jamaica appears to show an angry mob stoning a young man to death. The youth, who appears to be in his late teens, or maybe early twenties, was allegedly attacked because he was gay. Slurs uttered by … Continue reading