Thieving Couple Killed by Rival Thieves in Venezuela

A couple that steals together, fucks together? Ahhh… Earlier today in Venezuela, in Ciudad Guayana – a town located in the state of Bolivar, a thieving couple along with their two accomplices were ambushed and killed by a group of gunmen, who are believed to have been rival thieves getting rid of competition. The fatal … Continue reading “Thieving Couple Killed by Rival Thieves in Venezuela”

Man Shot to Death and Hacked with Knife by Rivals in Brazil

In Brazil, a kidnapped young man was shot to death and hacked on the arms with a knife. According to the info I got, this was an execution by favela gunmen who are removing rivals, but make themselves look like folk heroes by falsely accusing them of being pedophiles.

Brutal Assassination on Street in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay

In Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, a man in a pickup truck was brutally assassinated by a group of gunmen armed with assault rifles. The broad daylight killing was caught on a CCTV camera. It looks as though the gunmen were pursuing the driver for a while, and may have fired at him while in motion. … Continue reading “Brutal Assassination on Street in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay”

Christine Chubbuck Suicide Video

Christine Chubbuck was a television news reporter whose sole claim to fame was her unprecedented 1974 suicide live on air. The video of her suicide was scraped off the face of the Earth and for the next few decades, it has been completely unavailable. Christine Chubbuck has slipped out of knowledge, and the fact that … Continue reading “Christine Chubbuck Suicide Video”

Three Security Guards Shot at Harmonia do Samba Concert in Salvador, Brazil

If you’ve been around a while, you should know that the three absolute no go zones in Brazil are Caruaru in Pernambuco, Manaus in Amazonas, and Salvador in Bahia. This happened in Salvador. Three security guards hired to work a Harmonia do Samba concert were shot just before the show started on February 6, 2017. … Continue reading “Three Security Guards Shot at Harmonia do Samba Concert in Salvador, Brazil”

Man Executed by ISIS in Wilayat Halab, Syria

Video released by the Wilayat Halab group is titled “Each Lesson Considerable 2“, and features the ISIS mujaheddin executing a captured man. Wilayat Halab is the Caliphate name for Aleppo Province in Syria, so I’ guessing that’s where the execution was filmed. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

Aftermath of Broad Daylight Murder in Nagpur, India

At a bus stop in the Ram Nagar area of Nagpur, India, a man was murdered in broad daylight. The incident just happened a few hours ago so I have no specific details about why or who was involved. The video shows the flip flops wearing victim on the curb with head exploded as a … Continue reading “Aftermath of Broad Daylight Murder in Nagpur, India”

Another Man Chilling in Plastic Chair Shot Dead in Brazil

Brazil is synonymous with flip flops, Da Silvas, and stray dogs making it on video, but for too long it’s been overlooked that it’s also the country of plastic chairs. In Governador Dix-Sept Rosado, which is a municipality located in the Microregion of Chapada do Apodi, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, … Continue reading “Another Man Chilling in Plastic Chair Shot Dead in Brazil”

Man Brutally Murdered in the Woods

This video seems to be fresh out of Brazil, but I got absolutely no backinfo with it, so I’m just shooting blanks. It shows a brutal execution of a man in the woods. He’s shot multiple times in the torso and head as both the cameraman and another guy discharge their weapons. The killers also … Continue reading “Man Brutally Murdered in the Woods”

Dear Leader Donald Trump Orders Mass Murder of Children in Yemen

Did you know that the FBI attempted to make Anwar Al-Awlaki an informant by blackmailing him for soliciting prostitutes? But he didn’t cooperate, so they made him an enemy of the state. He was then murdered, his 16 year old son Abdul Rahman Anwar al Awlaki was also murdered, and as soon as Dear Leader … Continue reading “Dear Leader Donald Trump Orders Mass Murder of Children in Yemen”