Woman Savagely Raped and Murdered in Lucknow, India


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A thirty two year old woman was beaten, raped and then left to die from her injuries in Lucknow, India. The victim, a mother of two and a widow was looking for apartments when she was abducted, taken to a … Continue reading

26 Year Old Boxer Frankie Leal Dies from Brain Injury Sustained in Fight


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During a boxing match between Raul Hirales and Frankie Leal held on Saturday, October 19, 2013, Frankie Leal lost the fight to TKO in the 8th round. The blows to the head he took caused a brain injury and made … Continue reading

Russian Boxer Roman Simakov Dies in the Ring


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27 year old Roman Simakov was an accomplished Russian boxer, former holder of the title of the WBC Champion of Asia with 19 victories (9 with knockouts), two losses and one draw. On December 5, 2011 he fought against his … Continue reading

17 Year Old Indonesian Boxer Tubagus Sakti Dies After TKO


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17 Year Old Indonesian boxer Tubagus Sakti was pronounced dead today after losing a fight to Ical Tobida at the TVRI studio in Jakarta yesterday. Tubagus Sakti suffered convulsions after the January 27, 2013 bout for the vacant KTPI junior … Continue reading

Neda Agha-Soltan Shot by Basij Member Dies on Karekar Ave, Tehran, Iran

Young Girl Shot by Basij Member Dies on Karekar Ave, Tehran, Iran

Brand new video from Iran shows young girl quickly die on the Karekar Ave. in Tehran after she was shot to the chest by a member of Iranian paramilitary group Basij. According to the reports by the locals from Iran, young girl, whose name is Neda Agha-Soltan did not participate in the protests, instead she was just watching from the distance. The Basij soldier took a shot at her from the roof of a nearby civilian building. The bullet got her right in her chest and took her down instantly. Random bystanders saw her fall and jumped to help. You can see, Neda Agha-Soltan opened her eyes to follow the camera and started to lose the battle.

Blood starts flowing through her mouth due to severe chest cavity hemorrhage followed by blood from her nose. You can tell that a vital organ, perhaps her heart was damaged by the shot and death found Neda Agha-Soltan quickly. There was a little bit of life still left in her shortly after she fell on the ground, but it was leaving her quickly and you can see how she was losing the battle by the second. The video shows this young life dying quite clearly – it’s rather disturbing. I think those bystanders (one of them was her father) somewhat tried to help, but did not have proper first aid training; however any help would have been futile, it seems. So young, so much will to live, but the bullet gave her no chance and the death was quick. There is also a disturbing sound that makes it seem as though her head bumped heavily against the road as she was falling. Bystanders tried to ease her fall, but if you don’t expect anyone right next to you to get shot, you are not ready to catch them. So it’s understandable. I’m not sure if the cracking sound is actually of her skull hitting the cement, but it takes place just at the time her head hits the ground and since Neda Agha-Soltan had no support for her head, it could have been it.

Now to the best part – these videos are hosted on YouTube. I am going to post YouTube codes, because I think that even though they are clearly against YouTube’s TOS, they will not be removed. Why? Because this is what YouTube wants you to see. It’s an easy analogy. Look at it this way – YouTube is owned by Google. Google was one of the biggest sponsors of Barack Obama during his presidential campaign. Barack Obama voices strongly against Iran and wanted to square up with them. The fact that these protests are taking place shortly after Barack Obama took office seems to be an odd coincidence. I know that when CIA sends economic hitmen and jackals to other countries to promote and sponsor protests to overthrow the government that doesn’t cooperate with multinational corporations, it’s always done secretly so this type of information will remain a Top Secret. But if you add two and two, it starts becoming a little more obvious. I’m placing my bets that YouTube will not remove those videos despite gruesome nature and obvious breakage of their TOS.

Below are two videos showing the incident. Since girl’s name was Neda Agha-Soltan and Nada means “Voice” in Persian, the girl has been dubbed as the “Voice of Iran”. Based on countless reports it is obvious that her death was the doing of a Basij paramilitary member. Karekar Avenue in Tehran where she was shot is about 1km away from Tehran’s main street where protests were taking place. First video shows Neda Agha-Soltan immediately after she was shot by the Basij and her losing battle. Second video shows aftermath shortly after she was shot with blood oozing off her facial openings. WARNING, the videos contain enough blood to upset regular viewers. Neda Agha-Soltan was young (born in 1982) – way too young to die like that. Her eyes as she looks at the camera seconds before she died will engrave their stare into your mind for a long time.

This video shows detail of young girl’s face shortly after she was shot. Facial hemorrhage due to severe trauma of internal organs is rather disturbing. Exercise caution before viewing:

EDIT: There is one more video allegedly involving Neda Agha-Soltan. The video is from the protest rally which would mean that Neda Agha-Soltan did in fact participate in the protests. The guy in blue and white t-shirt is allegedly her father and the girl in black next to her is allegedly Neda Agha-Soltan. That’s what the source claims – it’s hard to tell as you can’t really see the girl clearly. The video of it is below. You be the judge:

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